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Between other projects and a general lack of inspiration these poor guys took entirely too long to get done. Now, several months later I can finally say they are ready for a little Hammertime.

I am pretty happy with how they turned out. The metals look nice and clean as I imagine any self respecting Dwarf would maintain. They are the lords body guard so they would be extra polished and uniform in in my mind. (This is also what I tell myself to justify the fact that they all have the same somewhat boring pose.)

The bases are my own home made customs. I made them years ago when I had my first false start on the Dwarfs so this batch was ready to go. Essentially I took ten extra 20mm bases and made a one part silicone mold of them and cast normal plaster of paris in that mold. I then carved the stone cracks, dips and textures into the 10 plaster blanks. Once I was happy with the carvings I made another mold and this time cast a urethane plastic in it. Once the mold was done I was able to cast enough for an entire army in one night.

What these models lack for in poses they make up for in detail, both in quality and quantity. It is when you really get up close and personal that you start to appreciate them more.

I mentioned in a previous pose that I themed the unit as the Ruby Guard of Karak Eight Peaks. But Dwarfs (and Hammerers in particular) have a rather boastful nature so they often refer to themselves as the Blood Guard of Karak Eight Peaks in an attempt to sound more fierce. That explains the red regiment color, Eight Peaks blood drop and the splash of purple to tie in with Belegar.

Up next is a block of 25 Longbeards to start building up a core for the army. I am pretty excited about them.

Every time you see me

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Now why would I ever stop doing this?

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