Tripwire here, back again showcasing my Hive Fleet; Unending Maw. Let’s see some monstrous creatures!

I love painting monstrous creatures! It’s a great break from painting dozens of Termigants. The Tervigon / Tyrannofex kit was the first monstrous creature I ever completed. I love the build options in the kit, and was inspired to magnetize the model to make sure I could play as either creature. Given the changes from the most recent codex, I run it almost exclusively as a Tyrannofex now. While the rupture cannon is cool looking, I never use it, and the fleshborer hives spend most of their time on my Flyrant, standing in for twin linked devourers.

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I love the Exocrine. From a design standpoint, I think it’s everything the Tyrannofex should have been. Instead of holding a bio weapon in one arm, it IS a bio weapon. It’s great that the massive weapon has taken over most of the mass of this creature, and everything else seems like an afterthought. I had a lot of fun airbrushing the gradient on the cannon, and using washes to bring out the details.

The Trygon / Mawloc kit is what got me into the hobby. The design is strikingly alien, and the kit is well designed. This was the second monstrous creature I built, and the first I painted using an airbrush. I magnetized the head and painted all the parts so that I could field it as a Trygon, Trygon Prime or Mawloc. I also created a custom tail instead of choosing one of the two included in the kit.

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Although all my monstrous creatures have patterns on their carapaces, this model has the most elaborate I’ve created. Getting the symmetry was challenging. If I was smart, I’d have just created a stencil instead of painting it by hand…

Couldn’t pass up magnetizing a Marine being knocked off his feet from the eruption! 🙂 Seems to be a theme…

I added these Carnifexes to my swarm after creating the other monstrous creatures, so I was surprised by how small they seemed in comparison. I purchased them in the newer paired box when the codex released, and was disappointed to discover that, unlike the revised warriors, they were NOT new sculpts and molds. While the kit includes tons of options for customization, on a technical level, it was a nightmare. The molds have obviously been run thousands of times, and the parts were covered in flash, and none of the joints fit well.

Because the devourer arms in the kit are so sad, I created custom bio weapons for them using extras from a Termigant sprue. Again, using the base arms and adding a second devourer wasn’t good enough, so I made hours of extra work for myself trying to join three into some unholy trinity of biomass. Still, turned out pretty well, I think.

Lastly, I have three custom converted Biovores. I was excited to run the Living Artillery Node from the Leviathan Rising Dataslate, but didn’t want to pay $45 per model for an ugly, outdated finecast unit. Inspired by a thread on the Tyranid Hive community boards, I converted my own. While not perfect, I had fun kit bashing these to create suitable stand-ins.

That covers our heavy support options! Next post I’ll share my HQ models, from Tyranid Prime to Swarmlord.

– trip

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