It’s hard to keep up with the number of new releases now! I managed to get one of the free Miniature of the Month, and thought I would paint it up as a Cadian 122nd from Codex Cityfight! I’m Tom, and welcome to another Oldhammer inspired showcase!

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I mostly stuck with the scheme as shown above, with one difference – rather than the single red shoulder armour, I painted the guns Khorne Red. This is entirely personal preference – I think red guns look more interesting, and having the armour all the same colour worked. The trick to painting the cloth is to do all the solid colour first including shadows and highlights, and then thinly layer the camouflage on top. Being neat enough to avoid the other sections helps, as does balancing the white and block stripes to be roughly the same number of each.

I was impressed by the scale of the model – it is substantially smaller than a space marine, as you’d expect from the lore. I leant into this with my photo, putting the outnumbered Guardsman up close next to the Chaos Space Marines to show the difference. The city background is a nod to the Codex Cityfight that inspired the coloursheme, while the choice of enemy is because Cadia… Stands!

Want to see more in this style in the future, starting with a command squad thats on my desk? Follow me on Instragram for early peeks!