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*Blinks* Where did 2017 just go? I can’t believe I’m writing another recap post already. It only seems like last week I was explaining I would be winding down and doing less hobby. After the jump, I make “promises” for 2018 and recap 2017.

2018 Hobby Resolutions

For 2018 i think I’m going to keep it small again. Small squads and individual models. I’d like to paint more Primaris Ultramarines and more of my Primal Kings Stormcast.

2017 Resolution Recap

This will be short. My resolution last year was not to paint anything. I can’t even do that right because I did paint a few things. Not much but ‘I kept my hand in’.

2017 Hobby Highlights

I was a little distant from the hobby community this year. No trips to Warhammer World, didn’t send any pictures into White Dwarf. Didn’t enter any competitions. So it’s tricky trying to pick a highlight. I guess one that stands was being contacted by Warhammer Community to go to Warhammer World and play a live stream game against Duncan. Sadly I declined, I’m so out of touch with gaming it wouldn’t have been fun for me. I was still flattered to have been asked (and even been on their radar) they had positive things to say about Tale of Painters as well. So that was nice.

Right onto the all important collection of models painted in 2017. Enjoy.

Showcase: Chaos Space Marine Aspiring Champion Vrosh Tattersoul

Showcase: Stormcast Eternals Judicators of the Primal Kings

Showcase: Space Wolves Wolf Guard Terminator Squad

Showcase: Space Wolves Blood Claws Pack

Stahly Patreon Banner 2024 760x100px

Showcase: Ultramarines Primaris Lieutenant

Showcase: Space Wolves Grey Hunters

Showcase: Space Wolves Wolf Guard Pack

Showcase: Ragnar Blackmane Space Wolves

Showcase: Ultramarines Captain in Gravis Armour 

Showcase: Shadespire Bloodhound Warband

Showcase: Ultramarines Primaris Ancient with banner

Showcase: Space Marine Heroes Brother Gaiun

Thanks to everyone who has popped by to read my ramblings this year. I really want to be more active on the blog again in 2018. Lets see how that works out. One more quick thank you to anyone who has supported me by buying Paint Pucks or Two Thin Coats Coasters. The love and support has been incredible. Thank you. Have a great 2018. 


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