The Warzone: Nachmund season of Warhammer 40.000 is heralded with the release of two new Primaris Space Marine characters, previously only available in the old Dark Imperium starter set. Both of these models have a surprising amount of options AND new rules, so check out our video review.

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The new Primaris Captain in Gravis armour and Primaris Ancient will be on preorder from January 29th as part of the Warzone: Nachmund campaign season. You can find the updated rules in the Vigilus Alone book, or download them for free over on Warhammer Community. Both models come in Clampacks and cost £23.50 or 30 Euros.

New Primaris Captain in Gravis Armour and Primaris Ancient

These items were kindly provided by Games Workshop. Thoughts and opinions are our own.

Primaris Captain in Gravis Armour – features

Previously, a Gravis Captain with boltstorm gauntlet was only available in the Dark Imperium Box (the 8th Edition starter set that has since been discontinued). We’ve seen another Captain in Gravis armour with a master-crafted bolt rifle, but now there is finally the possibility to get a Captain with boltstorm gauntlet again. We have a powerful and open pose where everything can be reached easily with a brush, I like how the cape is thrown over the shoulder and the tactical rock can’t be missing either.

Let’s unbox the whole thing and look at the options in this video:

We have two small sprues, and a 40 mm base. On the first sprue, we have the body and the legs, the cape, and the backpack. There is the first half of the Boltstorm Gauntlet, and one of the weapon options for the left hand, a power fist.

Primaris Captain in Gravis Armour sprue
Three head options and two swords

On the second sprue, we have more weapon options. A large Astartes chainsword, and a power sword, as well as the rest of the body and shoulder pads. There are three optional heads: one bare head with a rebreather mask, a plain Gravis helmet, and the one pictured on the box art, a bald head with a large scar. There is also the servo skull, but unfortunately, it’s not completely optional, unless you fill the contact area on the backpack with green stuff.

As you can see, quite a few options and a really cool model, probably one of my favourite Primaris Captain models ever.

Primaris Ancient – features

This is another model that was previously only available exclusively in the Dark Imperium Box, which is no longer available. Like the Captain, the new version comes with two small sprues and a 40 mm base. The first thing I notice are the two different banners. One bears the Indomitus symbol, but has a free space to add the chapter symbol of your choice. The banner is held in the left hand, so you have a Power Sword for the right hand, a new weapon option for the Ancient. You can choose between two different designs for the banner top. 

New Space Marines Primaris Ancient banners on sprue
Two banner designs and two banner tips

The other banner has a more classic design like with the old Primaris Ancient. Here, too, both banner tips fit, but it is held in the right hand at a slight angle in front of the body, which creates an alternate pose. Unfortunately, you can no longer use the arm with the power sword and have to make do with a bolt rifle.

The armour is standard Mk X armour as on an Intercessor, and has only a few decorations like the laurels on the shoulder pad and a relic on the belt. We also have a tactical rock here, but it is placed a little oddly under the left foot. There are two different heads, a bald head – and a helmet, plus a spare helmet for the bare head that attaches to the hip.

New Space Marines Primaris Ancient assembly guide
Alternate poses

I think I like the Dark Imperium Ancient’s pose better, but the two different banners plus two different banner tips are a really positive surprise.


The updated rules can be found in the Vigilus Alone Book or as a free download on Warhammer Community.

The Captain clocks in at 6 power, and has an Astartes Chainsword by default, which can be swapped with a Power Fist or Power Sword. New are the Gravis Fighting Styles: With the Astartes Chainsword the model can make 2 additional attacks (3 when adding the Chainsword rule), with the Power Sword 2 additional attacks, and with the Power Fist one additional attack. Of course, this does not work with a Relic that replaces one of these weapons.

The Primaris Ancient costs 4 power and stayed pretty much the same, except for the option to trade the bolt rifle for a power sword.

We also have point values for both models, the new Captain in Gravis Armour costs 120 points, the Ancient is 80 points with 5 points for the optional power sword. 


Unlike most Space Marine characters, each clamp pack contains not one but two small sprues, and the models have more options than you might think, which might explain the higher price point. Still, we all know that the prices for character models are not cheap, especially considering the amount of plastic you get in comparison to unit boxes or centrepiece kits.




  • Captain has a strong pose, comes with three weapon and head options
  • Ancient has two different banners and poses


  • Expensive for single models
  • "Tactical" rocks galore

Final Verdict

The Primaris Space Marine range is going strong with the release of two new sculpts for character models that so far were only available in the now out of production Dark Imperium set. The many assembly options and the design of the captain stand out in particular.