No, these aren’t Chibi Space Marine Terminators, they’re Einhyr Hearthguard in Exo-armour. Despite their size, there are a lot of parallels though including deep striking and a 2+ save. In today’s post, I share my thoughts on their design as well as detailed high-quality photography of my squad I painted.

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I love Terminator armour. I’ve painted an entire Ultramarines 1st company in the past as well Wolf Guard, Deathwing and Blood Angel Terminators. When I saw the Einhyr Hearthguard I knew I wanted to add them to my Leagues of Votann army. Clad in heavy Exo-armour with Concussion Gauntlets and Etacarn Plasma Guns it’s hard not to see the resemblance to Terminators with Powerfists and Storm Bolters.

Obviously, there are differences though, the most notable being their diminutive stature. Other notable differences are the integrated dome helms and over the shoulder Exo-armour grenade launcher. Thinking about it there are similarities with Primaris Gravis armour like the round hip plates and calf ribbed tubes. Maybe the Kyn helped Belisarius Cawl with the design, or maybe the Adeptus Mechanicus plundered the secrets from a stolen Votann super computer.

The paint scheme I choose for these is very yellow heavy. I wasn’t entirely sure if it’s too much or not. In the end, I painted the shoulder pads metal to help break up the yellow colour. Pretty happy with the final look. Check out my recipe for my yellow above.

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