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Showcase: Chaos Warshrine

The recently released Chaos Warshrine. What can I say. I love the model, but painting it was such a long painful task. But I think the end results are worth it. But I would not be in any rush to paint this again anytime soon….

Fantasy, Showcase

Showcase: Colossal Squig

The Colossal Squig. Again another model from Forge World that I painted for a customer. A very easy model to assemble. Many people thought that the single leg would not be strong enough to support the body of the Squig. But surprisingly it a solid…

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Showcase: Chaos Dwarf Skullcracker

The Chaos Dwarf Skullcracker was painted as part of a commission for a customer during the summer. My I wish those warm days would come back. The dark days of winter are getting a little bit to much. Anyway as far as Forge World models…

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Showcase: Karl Franz on Deathclaw

Karl Franz on Deathclaw 🙂 This guy took me as I remember 2 to 3 days to complete. That for me is a long time. Normally I like to work very quickly. It was also unfortunate that I painted this as commission for someone who…

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Showcase: Chaos Scyla Anfingrimm

Another Finecast. This time being the newly released Scyla Anfingrimm. I like this guy a lot. For a Finecast it was nicely cast and relatively easy to put together. I’m sure you could use him also in 40K as a spawn. Anyone tried him out…

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Showcase: Warpsmith

Enter the Warpsmith. This guy was a scary one to paint. Not because he was so much difficult, but more so that trying not to break his Mechatendrils was a task in itself. And yes I did manage to break those tendrils quite a few…


WIP: Chaos Nurgle Daemons

Happy Halloween all 🙂 Is the time to carve pumpkins, paint miniatures and stay away from Ouija boards. As you can see I’m currently working on Epidemius and the Greater Daemon of Nurgle. It’s still early on, but hopefully I will have the duo finished…

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Showcase: Chaos Mutilators

I picked the Mutilators up on launch day and have finally got round to finishing them. The models are basically the same as the old Obliterators with the exception of new arms. I’ve heard a lot of people say that the models are ugly, but…

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Showcase: Chaos Forgefiend

Hi all :)This is the third model from the new Chaos launch that I have painted. The Forgefiend. I love this guy. Reminds me a lot of the game Doom. I had a great time painting him. In all I like the new Chaos models….