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The Skaven Challenge Part 2: The Vision

So how will my Skaven army shape up? As always with the armies I collect I focus on the models and themes I like and try to make a well rounded list of it. For Skaven, this means I’m going to avoid all models that…

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The Skaven Challenge Part 1: Painting

I’ve already dropped a few hints here and there about my big new project once the majority of my Eldar army is finished. Beware man-things, it’s Skaven! I’ve always loved Skaven fluff but I never liked the asthetics of their model range. This was until…

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Showcase: Skull Pass Night Goblin

These are some high quality pictures of a little model I painted for fellow Brückenkopf author Darkover. He just got married and as a kind of wedding present he asked all of his wargamer friends to contribute a painted Night Goblin. I don’t know why…

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