Finally, after a couple of months of work, I can present you the completed 100 pts roster for my Adeptus Mechanicus Kill Team from Forge World Metalica. Check out all the pictures in this post.

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Scenic shot of an Adeptus Mechanicus Forge World Metalica Kill Team

As you can see, I painted a total of eight models: a Skitarii Vanguard Alpha with phosphor blast pistol and power sword who will be the leader, a Sicarian Infiltrator Princeps with taser goad and flechette pistol as combat specialist, a Skitarii Vanguard with omnispex as comms specialist, a few gunners with an assortment of plasma calivers and arc rifle, plus a two more Infiltrators with power swords and stubcarbines. These models all add up nicely 100 pts exactly.

I chose Forge World Metalica for my paint scheme as I already painted an Imperial Knight of House Raven a couple of years ago, and House Raven is aligned with Metalica. I also really liked the characteristic bone-white robes, but I increased the amount of red in comparison to the studio-painted Metalica models shown in the codex, so the Skitarii would better sit next to my red armoured Imperial Knight. I also shared the basing style and a lot of paint recipes with my Silver Skulls, so that one day, all my Imperial models could combine into a large crusade army.

Group shot of an Adeptus Mechanicus Forge World Metalica Kill Team

Painting these models wasn’t an easy feat, for models of this size they are packed with an excessive amount of small details. I painted the Kill Team in two batches, here is the second batch with the Princeps and two Skitarii Vanguard gunners I just finished for this post:

In case you were wondering how I achieved the plasma glow effect, check out my detailed tutorial.

And here we have the first batch of five. Notice how I upgraded the Skitarii’s bases from 25 to 28.5 mm bases. 28.5 is the new 25 in my opinion and it just fits them better.

For now, this project is complete, though I have a few ideas how to expand the Kill Team. I guess I’d paint a Commander model next, probably a Techpriest Enginseer, as I really like the model and he will close the size gap between the Skitarii and Sicarians. At some point, I’d love to expand both the Skitarii and the Sicarian Infiltrator into full-strength units and maybe even expand them to a 500 pts Combat Patrol.

How do you like my take on Forge World Metalica and would you like to see a tutorial for painting this paint scheme? Let me know in the comments section below.


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