Hey guys, I’ve finished my converted female Eldar Farseer, painted in the livery of craftworld Iybraesil. Check out more details of the spear blade and the back of the cloak, as well as a list of bits I used, after the jump!

The rune on the back of the cloak is based on one of the transfers of the new eldar decal sheet. I just cut away the lower part, and once the decal was set, I extended the rune with white paint. I really like the look and thanks to Microsol it’s hard to distinguish from a freehand 😉

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The model is still rather glossy, I guess it needs a second coat of varnish. My new camera is so good that it exposes every flaw 😉 In case you wonder how I did the blade, I used Khorne Red as a basecoat, then I applied very thinned Wazdakka Red, allowing the paint to dry in a blotchy pattern. Then I used the so created pattern as a base for the lightning streaks, which I painted with Emperor’s Children, VGC Squid Pink and P3 Carnal Flesh.

Here can you see how the unpainted conversion looked like. The chest is based on a Dark Eldar Wych torso, the rune comes from the chest of the original Farseer model. The head is from the Dark Elves Black Dragon kit. I repositioned the pony tail to better match the flow of the cape.

There was a lot of discussion whether I should remove the shoulder guards or not, in the end I left them, as I thought it made the model look more warrior like. Also I was afraid to mess up the model 😉

How do you like the conversion and my paint job? Have you tried building female Eldar character models as well?

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