Thanks on all the comments on my Skaven army list! Based on the feedback I made some changes to the list:

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Grey Seer (Skalm, Shadow Magnet Trinket, Dispel Scroll) on Screaming Bell – 525

Chieftain (Battle Standard Bearer, Talisman of Preservation, Charmed Shield, Halberd) – 122
Warlock Engineer (Lv. 2, Warp-Energy Condenser) – 120
Warlock Engineer (Lv. 1, Doom Rocket, Warplock Pistol) – 103

30 Stormvermin (full command, Storm Banner) with Warpflame Thrower – 355
40 Clanrats pushing the bell (spears, shields, full command) with Plaguewind Mortar – 285
30 Clanrats (hand weapons, shields, full command) with Plaguewind Mortar – 220
25 Slaves (musician) – 52
22 Giant Rats, 3 Packmasters – 90
22 Giant Rats, 3 Packmasters – 90

2 Rat Ogres, 1 Master Moulder (Masterbred, Shock Prod) – 153

Hellpit Abomination – 235
Doomwheel – 150

Total: 2500

I removed the plague monks and the plague priest because there is a lot of talk about a new skaven release wave this year and thus those dated models are no longer needed. A plastic Hellpit Abomination seems very likely so I added one. I’m not sure what to think of it as I hear a lot of complaints about its power gaming-wise and I don’t want to powergame. But given the new IoB Rat Ogres the model would probably be ace… What do you guys think about it? Maybe some house rules to make it more balanced?
On the other hand I made the slave and giant rat regiments bigger and added another Warplock. The one with the Doom Rocket shall skitterleap into the back of the opponent’s army to cause some havoc. How to use the other one though? Put him in a regiment or keeping him on his own shooting Warplightning on big stuff?
An regarding Stormvermin: Shields for improved save against shooting yay or nay?

I’d be really happy and thankful if some fellow Skaven players could again jump into the discussion!


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