To my surprise I found the latest WD issues in my post box today, two days before the official release date. Maybe GW realised that punishing their loyal subscribers by sending them their copies later then everyone else was a stupid idea?If this is true I might even renew my subscription…

The Good Stuff:

Part 2 of the Sisters of Battle codex, Designer notes on the new Ogre Kingdom models, the scenarios.

What’s In There For Painters and Modellers?

A showcase of some converted Arcane Fulcrums and a crazy Storm of Magic table with a floating tower, an ‘Eavy Metal gallery for some of the new Ogre models (no painting guides included), a small army workshop with the Vampire Counts army the hobby team did some issues ago and the new Vampire Counts models with a very basic painting guide

Things I Didn’t Like:

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Almost the same criticism I had last issue: Again not much in terms of hobby material and it seams that the awesome Masterclasses of the past have been truely replaced with the bland ‘Eavy Metal showcases. There were also filler articles for the Court of the Archon models and the two new plastic Fantasy heroes with almost no content, plus a lot of advertisments. Strangely there was no announcement for the next issue in the whole magazine, just a one page teaser for the mysterious October release.

The Verdict:

At first the issue seems to be densly packed with text, but on a closer look there are a lot of ads and superficial articles that could have been much better with some more effort. The designer notes were quite informative, but with two battle reports and the “Arena of Death” article and by looking at the last issues I suspect that Andrew Kenrick is more of a gamer than a hobbyist because the hobby count is sadly as low as in the last couple of issue. And have I mentioned how much I miss the Masterclasses?

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