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I was always taught by my elders (no, not the pointy eared ones) to spend the most money possible on tools. In the long run the cheap tools will break and you will be constantly replacing them and spending more money. I’ve owned around 6 airbrushes in the past decade. I’ve had failures ranging from clogged, to split nozzles to bent needles all of which are operator error. It’s the 180lb chimp hanging off the end of it that causes them to break. Each of these previous airbrushes has only cost me £30 to £40 and I do get a couple of years use out of each one. So when I saw an airbrush on eBay for less than £13 with free delivery, I thought what the heck. It’s worth a shot. Find out what I think of it after the jump.

So the dual action KMOON airbrush is a Chinese copy of the more expansive Japanese iwata airbrushes. It’s completely metal and doesn’t feature any plastic components. All the threads are true and the build and quality feels really solid. It’s fully adjustable with an air regulator at the bottom and a needle stop at the back. The paint cup is a nice big large capacity so you won’t be constantly refilling it. The front end fully strips down making cleaning a doddle. The nozzle is 0.2mm so a good size for miniature airbrushing. The kit includes a nozzle spanner and a hose adapter. 

So what’s the catch? Why does this airbrush cost slightly more than the price of a GW undercoat aerosol can? I honestly don’t know is the answer. I know Chinese labour is cheap but the cost of materials, plus postage from China to UK and eBay/paypal fees there can’t be much money left for profit? Obviously they’re saving money by cutting out distribution and retail. 

The Iwata HP-C Plus is 10x the price of the KMOON and has identical features. Knowing that I go through 5 airbrushes in a decade I can buy 10 KMOONS that will keep me going for 20 years compared to the cost of one Iwata. All my airbrush failures are my fault so I would be really nervous trying to get 20 years worth of work out of a single Iwata. I have nothing to lose breaking a £13 Chinese copy. 

So how does the KMOON perform? Well I was expecting it to explode in my hands but it is  constantly surprising me! I spent a good hour the other night base coating Space Wolves without a single clog. The second night I was working on Stormcast and that was headache free even when switching from white to black undercoat for the different components. 

So, initial impressions are very promising. I’ve actually ordered a second one!

You can get one from eBay by clicking here. (Link worked at time of publication). 

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