I’m late with the review of this month’s White Dwarf, but my subscripton ran out and I didn’t feel the need to buy this issue until now which speaks for itself I guess..

The Good Stuff:

Dreadfleet rules introduction, Dreadfleet Painting Guide, Sisters of Battle Battle Missions, Scrolls of Bing for the new Ogre monsters.

What’s In There For Painters and Modellers?

A massive Dreadfleet painting guide, a small Ogre Kingdoms Army Workshop and a Modelling Workshop that shows you how to assemble a Finecast Azhag with the new tools GW just released.

Things I Didn’t Like:

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This issue is Dreadfleet, Dreadfleet and then Dreadfleet again. Huge picture after huge picture of the same models again and again. They could have easily reduced the Dreadfleet page count without sacrificing content in order to make more room for other game systems. It also seems a lot of artwork is recycled from the Dreadfleet rulebook. In general, if you’ve already got Dreadfleet you won’t find much new stuff in here.

The Verdict:

If you don’t have Dreadfleet, then this issue does a good job explaing you what Dreadfleet is about and how the game works. Which is probably what the bean-counters at GW wanted it to acchieve. The Dreadfleet painting guide is nice, but it’s on a Hobby Team level and not on an ‘Eavy Metal level. Also they don’t show you how to paint each ship from beginning to end, but highlight certain areas which sometimesfeelsincomplete. The Ogre Kingdom workshop is disappointing – the army looks the same as the ‘Eavy Metal painted studio version but isn’t and the actual tutorial spans only two pages. In fact, there is very little coverage for other game systems, LoTR is completely absent. I’m not really impressed.
4/10, deduct 1 or 2 if you can’t stand Dreadfleet

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