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This isn’t a review because I’m writing it myself about my own product. It’s more an informative post that I can use to link people who ask me questions about the Garfy’s Get a Grip range. So if you want to find out why thousands of people have chosen to add these popular paint handles to their hobby areas then read on. 

What is Garfy’s Get a Grip?

Garfy’s Get a Grips are a range of painting handles which help you to hold the model whilst you paint it. There are three Grips. Pictured above left to right; Get a Grip Pro Long, Get a Grip Pro and the Get a Grip Basic.

Garfy’s Get a Grip Pro Long. 

Why do I need a painting handle? 

Well you don’t. For decades I painted by holding the miniature and that’s cool and it works, but in recent years as I spent more time applying highlights I grew frustrated with rubbing or smudging the paint work off the miniature and having to keep retouching it. Using a grip (especially with the finger rest means I don’t ever have to touch the miniature.

Open the Grip with a single hand

What does Garfy’s Get a Grip do?

The Get a Grip utilises a torsion spring and levers to allow you to open the grip single handedly. The Grip body then holds 50mm Citadel round bases. For 40mm, 32mm and 20mm round bases you can use the supplied orange shims. Because you use form fitted shims the grip it has on your miniature is unrivalled. You can shake it like crazy and the model won’t pop out. Shims for different sized bases are available to order including shims to hold Square Citadel bases and shims to hold smooth round bases typically found on Warmachine, Hordes and other non-gw miniatures.

All Grips are supplied ‘flat pack’ to utilise cheaper large letter postage rates.

Garfy’s Get a Grip Pro Long assembled and ready to use.  

Why do you have three Grips in your range? 

Each Grip has a different role. 

Garfy’s Get a Grip Pro is the do it all Painting Handle for £7.99. It holds 50mm, 40mm, 32mm, 20mm bases, it includes a wine cork (unused) at it’s core allowing you to pin models without a base or models with odd sized unique bases or even small components or sub assemblies into the cork. It’s other feature is a removable, rotatable finger rest. Which helps you keep your fingers off the miniature and makes painting the miniature upside down really easy. 

Garfy’s Get a Grip Basic removes the cork and finger rest and only costs £3.99. At this price it’s a batch painters dream. If you have five Tyranid Warriors mounted on 50mm bases and you want to batch paint them then the Get a Grip Basic is a great option. It’s not uncommon for me to receive an order of 10 of these from one customer.

Garfy’s Get a Grip Pro Long has all the same features of the Pro but as the name suggests is longer and only costs £9.99. 

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Garfy’s Get a Grip Pro and Pro Long both include a cork for pinning small parts or models without bases too. It’s easily replaceable as it’s a wine cork. Please drink and paint responsibly. 

40mm and 30mm Upgrade Shims for beveled edge bases such as Warmachine, Hordes models etc. 

Star Wars Legion and Imperial Assault Upgrade Shims are available

20mm and 25mm Square Upgrade Shims for Warhammer Fantasy Battle models. 

Available to buy on eBay

OK, where can I get one? 

So I know everyone likes free stuff and you can get my MKI Get a Grip for FREE on Thingiverse. If you’d like to get any of the Grips (the MKIII design) shown in this post then just search ebay for Garfy’s Get a Grip ( link, .com link, .de link, .fr link, .ca link, .au link – if your Country isn’t shown here don’t worry, just search in your eBay. I post worldwide and dispatch same day.  For combined shipping, I work it out afterwards once i’ve weighed the parcel and refund the difference on Paypal. Want to read the feedback, just check out my eBay profile. 

Garfy's Get a Grip - now available on ebay