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I’m fortunate to own a lot of painted models and from time to time they need to be transported. I own a couple of Games Workshop plastic cases and a couple of cases from Figures in Comfort so I’m well placed to review the Kaiser2 from KR Multicase. Read on for a detailed review with high resolution pictures.

KR sell lots of cases. The K-Lite, Kaisers 1, 2, 3 and 4, Backpacks 1 and 2, Aluminium Cases AL1, 2, 3 and 4, Wheeled Cases 800 and 1200 and a large Prestige Case. Almost all of their cases are designed to carry their heavy duty Card Multicases. This case is called Kaiser2 and is made of waterproof polyester. It features a removable shoulder strap and a fixed carry handle with plastic grip. It has sturdy, padded side walls with plastic inserts  for ultimate protection. It measures 30cm high, 42cm wide and 30cm deep. It retails for £75.99 with core foams or £92.99 with custom foams. 


The Kaiser2 is covered in zip and velcro pockets. This is the first model case I’ve owned where the company has thought about the bigger picture of wargaming and included enough storage for everything you might need to carry. One side has a small pocket perfect for a mini rulebook or the KR Accessory Case. One side has an elasticated mesh for drinks bottles. The front and rear areas have large zip pockets which can take multiple codices. I’ve even tried it with the new hardback Chaos Codex and that fits great. The lid, once open has an internal pocket. There are smaller pockets ideal for tape measures and dices. 

This bag uses the KR System. KR describe this system in their literature as “soft foam for miniatures, hard cases for soft foam”. The Kaiser2 has the capacity to hold two Card KR Multicases. These are included in the cost of the Kaiser2 but can be purchased separately for £24.99 per Multicase with core foams or £32.99 per multicase with custom cut foams.  

The Multicases are really thick, sturdy card and includes a plastic carry handle which actually doubles up as a mechanism for keeping the lid shut. The case has a plastic wallet to slide a label into to make your collection of Multicases easy to distinguish. 

When I felt the foam, it was instantly noticeable that it is softer then the foam used by other companies and I started to worry that the foam wouldn’t have any backbone and it would be too flimsy. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Whilst it is softer, the trays are cut in half so they’re not straining under extra weight and the hard card case really does offer maximum protection. We’ve all had the occasional model that is too big for a compartment and a spear or sword arm gets snapped off, but the softer foam has enough give in it to just squash down around the protruding part. 

Custom cut foams cost more then the standard foams. If you like your models to be safe, secure and neatly organised then you will love the custom foams. I have the Dreadfleet and Dark Vengeance foams. The Dreadfleet foams are a custom set and the Dark Vengeance foams are standard but picked specifically to fit all the models from the new Warhammer 40,000 game. The Dreadfleet foams house everything from the ships to the terrain to the counters and the cards. You can even put the folded up seascape mat at the bottom of the card Multicase. 

Above are the Dark Vengeance foams. There are various shapes, sizes and depths. I haven’t assembled all my Dark Vengeance models so I can’t check to see if they all fit perfectly but it looks like there are areas for Terminators, Bikers, Marines and smaller compartments for human sized cultists. The Helbrute fits perfectly,  but you can remove the extra wedge in the compartment and can fit rhinos. What a great idea. 

Overview: KR really have thought about everything. There really isn’t anything I can think of that needs improving.  I really like the flexibility of buying the foams in sets or as individual trays. I like the half size trays which are squad size. The soft foam and hard card case is a genius solution and it’s modular nature means every army you own can have it’s own card case which you just slip into your Kaiser case. 

When compared directly to the other cases, the KR really does come across as the complete package. It certainly is the mature choice for image conscious gamers who don’t want to walk the streets carrying a plastic case with a huge aquilla on the side. The GW case is ultra robust in hard plastic and the figures in comfort case has zero padding. The Kaiser2 shown above is more expensive, but has a lot more capacity. The Kaiser1 costing £49.99 is more comparative in price to the Figures in Comfort Mini (£45) and the Games Workshop Case (£36). The Games Workshop case holds 3 standard trays and the FiC mini and the Kaiser1 both hold 4 trays but for that extra £4.99 you’re getting more pockets a padded case, a card case and softer foams. It’s a no brainer.

One downside is the KR foams are a little too big to fit into cases made by other manufacturers. I just tried some KR trays in the GW hard plastic case and they didn’t fit. So if you were planning on just buying foams for your existing non KR cases then you will have a problem. 

I really recommend this product, which is a relief because KR sponsor Tale of Painters. I must bring this up though, because some skeptical readers might think because they sponsor us they would always get a positive review, but the truth is the product really is that good. If this review has inspired you to buy some KR cases, then there is a banner link at the top right of this web page. 

If you already own a KR case, then I’d love to hear what you think in the comments below.

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