Alamo recently contacted me on Tale of Painters enquiring about airbrushes. I thought I’d write up a review on the kit I use.

This kit pictured above can be bought from the link below:

The first thing you will notice is the price, it’s cheap, real cheap. Don’t be fooled by the price, this is top quality stuff. RDG tools cut out distributors and middle men prices and buy direct from the factories passing on the savings to their customers. The compressor is identical to one I saw in a hobby craft store that cost 4x as much. I don’t think these are imitations either, I think they come out of the same factories and are just unbadged. My £35 dual action airbrush from RDG tools is exactly the same as my friends £150 Iwata airbrush, and we both get similar results.

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So the price is right, but what about the details? Well the compressor is a piston based one, with a water trap and air gauge. The bottom of the water trap has an adjuster to control air pressure. Sadly my set up doesn’t have an air tank, but for a little bit more money you can get a compressor with an air tank from RDG tools. I would recommend this as it would enable consistent air pressure for your airbrush, not that I have had any problems without it.

The airbrushes that come with it are a bottom feed and a top feed airbrush. Either one is fine for beginners. I upgraded to a better top feed dual action (dual action is push down and pull back, one controls air, the other amount of paint).

I know a lot of people on who have bought this set up and all have enjoyed pleasing results. Some, including myself suffered from clogged airbrushes. My issue was because of my inexperience with it. I now know how to strip and clean my airbrush. A couple of pointers for this don’t over tighten the parts, hand tight is perfect. You can do a quick clean by filling with water and covering the end of the airbrush. This will blow air back through the brush. Generally though you need to strip it out. Maybe one day I’ll do a photo guide on stripping an airbrush and cleaning.

Hope you found this informative.

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