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Slightly different post today. Actually wanted to ask you guys about an army list…

Here is the list:

Tervigon – 195
Scything talons

Hive Tyrant – 270
Adrenal Glands
Acid Blood
Toxic Miasma

Venomthrope – 55

5 Tyranid Warriors – 225
5 pairs of boneswords
5 sets of scything talons
Adrenal glands

5 Tyranid Warriors – 200
5 sets of rending claws
5 pairs of death spitters

5 Tyranid Shrikes – 275
5 sets of lash whips and boneswords
Adrenal Glands

Carnifex – 185
Heavy venom cannon

Trygon Prime – 250
Adrenal Glands

Tyrannofex – 265
Cluster spines
Rupture Cannon

3 Raveners – 80
Rending Claws
Spine fists

Total 2000pt

I have a couple of ideas behind the list. Firstly, it uses up a lot of stuff in my bits box (as well as some warriors from Tyranid attack) secondly it allows me to purchase the new plastic Tyranid kits.

It’s quite synapse heavy and with all the big monsters and multi wound creatures it should be quite resilient and weather the enemy firepower for a few turns. Also with the variety of units the enemy will be hard pushed to get his target priority right. He’ll have to fire almost all his units at a single 6 wound monster to remove it in a single turn leaving the rest of the army to go unchecked.

It is lacking anti tank. I have a few guns and if I can stun the vehicles I might be able to chase them down. Skimmers will be hard to deal with.

I’m also scared of the Grey Knights with their all force weapon army.

What are your thoughts?

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