In today’s post, I share why I nearly turned down the chance to work on the Ridgehauler Warhammer Community article as well recipe card painting guides for this massive model and its crew. There’s also a bonus version of the cinematic shot at the end of this article.

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Cinematic shot of a Necromunda Cargo-8 Ridgehauler for Ash Wastes painted by Garfy

Towards the end of May the Warhammer Community Team reached out to me and asked me if they could send me a Cargo-8 Ridgehauler to paint and photograph for a Warhammer Community article. I spent a good 5 hours deliberating the pros and cons, I think I wrote 3 or 4 emails, deleting each one, before finally settling on “Yes I’ll do it”. So why was it a difficult decision. Well at the start of the year I walked away from Games Workshop as a content creator. It was stressing me out and making me ill and I really didn’t want to return to unpaid work stress. 

Necromunda Ash Wastes Ridgehauler painted by Garfy

I don’t even play Necromunda, or own any Necromunda models so why did I say yes. Well at the heart of it, I said yes because it’s in my nature to be helpful. It’s why I make all my painting tutorials and paint recipes totally free and accessible on Tale of Painters. Whilst my brain was screaming at me to not take on any more work, my heart was saying this good deed will see you right for karma points.

Necromunda Ash Wastes Cargo-8 trailer painted by Garfy

Check out this link on how I painted my Orlock Outrider Quad Bikes:

I talked myself into the project by saying I could just paint the vehicle like a terrain piece. Lots of washes, dry brushing and sponging will speed things up. I also remembered I could use weathering powders on the wheels to save me painting them “properly”. I was right too, it was so fast to paint I had time to paint Outrider Quad Bikes and the Cargo-8 Trailer as well. 

How to paint Cargo-8 Ridgehauler for Necromunda Ash Wastes paint recipes

Here’s my painting guide recipes for the Cargo-8 Ridgehauler and it’s crew. I get asked on social media how I paint things and creating these recipe cards is helpful and saves me typing out the same answer every time.

How to paint Cargo-8 Ridgehauler crew for Necromunda Ash Wastes paint recipes

I’m not particularly proud of the crew’s paint jobs. I feel it’s a backwards step for me, but I was up against a short deadline (12 days!) to get these done for the Warhammer Community article so corners had to be cut. Whilst the paint work is sloppy on these models I do like the colour scheme. I might try it out on some Genestealer Cult models. 

Finally here is the trailer which was pretty fast to paint. The green side panels aren’t glued and are held in place by friction quite securely. Just lift the container out and then the side panels and you can place the flat bed on. No need for magnets at all. You’d think a trailer would be a really boring kit but the options here are really cool and kit bashers are going to love building their own hulls on this chassis.

Cinematic shot of a Necromunda Cargo-8 Ridgehauler for Ash Wastes painted by Garfy
Full throttle Mad Max inspired miniature photography by Garfy

The big question to end this article on is, ‘was I right in following my heart and saying yes to doing this project? Of course, the answer is going to be yes. Yes, it was a little extra added stress what with the tight deadline and the amount of work I choose to do in that time but I think the end result is magnificent. I’m really proud of it. Here’s a bonus version where I’ve photoshopped motion blur and cinematic black bars (If you follow my photography, you might know I’m not really a fan of adding special effects in photoshop, I prefer to capture then in camera, but here it is presented above to sate my curiosity).

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