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Once a month Stahly and I want to post the efforts of our readers who are embarking on their own Tale of Mega Painters project. Andy King and Rory McNeil have both joined us for the first month of reader submissions. Read on to hear what they have to say and see their great models.

My name is Rory McNeil and I am the author of McNeil Miniature Projects. I have been working on a Tau Army commission for a friend of mine for the past year now. My aim at the beginning was just to document my project and show the development of my technique as I progressed from simple to paint Kroot to the more complex scheme of the Tau vehicle camouflage. To do this I included a tutorial and shared the techniques that I had learned with every unit. Every now and again I learn something new and I tell my reader(s) exactly what I did to get the certain effect. Above is one of the first set of models I painted for the Tau:


Now I know I am not the best painter out there but from what I have heard I am fairly decent. So far I have painted (in order of completion) 5 XV15 Stealth Suits,16 Kroot warriors, 2 Krootox, 2 Kroot Shapers, 12 Firewarriors, 9 Pathfinders, 2 Shield Drones, 9 normal drones, 3 Battlesuits and 2 XV88 Broadsides. Painting this large army has enabled me to fully explore all known aspects of the Painterly world. It has given me insight into what colour schemes work and what techniques can be used to give good outcomes in quick time. I mean last January I hadn’t even picked up a paintbrush but now I’m blogging on a sort of regular basis and I can list off many skills I have learned in just over a year. I really want to show war gamers that those ‘Grey armies of death’ can be turned into a colourful and full of life… army of death :).

So join me in my quest for success at We’ll explore the Painting world together, we’ll hit our lows and we’ll enjoy our highs, but it’s the end result you and I will be most proud of. Above are the latest models I have painted.

Now over to Andy:

Hi I’m Andy from miniaturemiscellany, I settled on Astral Claws as I really like the new colour scheme given to them by Forge World. Not only does this look great but it is also very quick to paint the basics leaving me more time to work on fun detailing like painting chips and scratches on the armour. It also means that I can quickly add new units to the army without having to spend ages painting them.This was one of the key considerations behind the project as I really enjoy building Space Marines due to the diverse range of parts available but find them a bit dull to paint.


One of the things I want to get across with the army is the fact that each Space Marine is an individual hero in his own right. Therefore I want to use as many different components as possible to personalise the armour and weaponry of each marine. In the future I hope to add some Forge World elements to the army as well to reinforce this theme.

I hope you like my Astral Claws. You can see more of my work on my blog :

Garfy here again, we also had an email from Mike Davy (Ghoulio) who has recently started a Trollbloods army. Sadly Tale of Painters is Games Workshop specific so we can’t feature those in this post but If you’re interested in seeing his awesome Trollbloods click here.

Are you painting a battleforce/megaforce and want to join in?

Now you can! Stahly and I would like to open this project up to everyone. If you’re a member of the Tale of Painters blog list and you’re blogging about a Games Workshop army we would love to feature  your models on the Tale of Painters blog. Send me an email at with a link to your blog and make sure you include a couple of pictures and a paragraph or two about your army project. We look forward to hearing from you.

Want to know more about the Tale of Mega Painters, click here.

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