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If you’ve read the Tale of Painters review, you will already know that Warhammer Visions fell a bit flat with Stahly and I. I’m all about fairness, so I thought I would list twelve reasons why you should buy it. Read them all after the jump.

1. It only costs roughly the same as a packet of cigarettes. 

2. The photography is of a higher standard then what you can usually find on the internet all of the pictures are new (I have this on good authority). 

3. It’s very similar to the Golden Demon booklets that you used to get in White Dwarf and we all loved those. 

4. If, like me you aspire to be a published painter and have your work featured in a collectible art book then Warhammer Visions will be it. Why wouldn’t you buy something you want to be featured in? 

5. There are no prices in the book, by that definition that doesn’t make it a catalogue despite what people on the internet might say.

6. There are no adverts in the art book like you would find in similar photographic publications (photography magazines are littered with multiple adverts in-between the features), it’s pure uninterrupted hobby. 

7. If you’re a collector of a specific race then you’ll want to buy the issue where your race featured. 

8. It actually has a pick up and flick through it again appeal. I’ve picked mine up again 4 times since I first got it to study the Golden Demon winners more closely.

9. It’s a keepsake unlike other magazines (I throw away all the motorbike magazines I buy).

10. If you scrap book your favourite pictures from White Dwarf (like our very own Rev) then you’re more spoilt for choice then ever before for printed pictures 

11. GW doesn’t tend to replace many models nowadays and there are no rules in the book so it will never go out of date.

12. If you win Golden Demon you have a strong chance to be featured in this book with more pages then in old White Dwarf.

So why the sudden change of heart? Well, I genuinely do like what the White Dwarf team do. it’s always been there to inspire my painting and keep me interested in the hobby. I also tend to rebel against the mainstream, I’m not one to jump on a bandwagon. I’ve also contributed to White Dwarf magazine on two different occasions and hope to do so in the future. So before people accuse me in the comments of working for them. I don’t, I’m just a massive fanboy. I even got Dan Harden to sign my copy on Monday when I visited Warhammer World. If you can’t make out what it says, it says “I’ll read the review later! Dan Harden” in reference to the Tale of Painters review. What a good sport.

So after the initial knee jerk reaction, has your view shifted slightly?  Could you list more reasons why it’s a good thing? 

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