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Hello all! I’m Rovient, long time follower and first time writer here on Tale of Painters. This is the first of 2 posts showcasing my Dark Eldar army; The Kabal of the Blazing Sun.

The whole 1500 points were painted in 4 months in preparation for Games Workshop’s very own Throne of Skulls tournament about a year ago. I was attempting to pick up a “Best painted army” award as I’d noticed a few things that seemed to catch the eye of the voting players.

I won’t bother building up the tension as I’ll tell you guys right away; I didn’t win! I did however receive a nomination by the ToS staff, which pleased me no-end.

The army was based around 3 things:

  • Beautiful and interesting Dark Eldar models, painted in a clean, ‘eavy metal style
  • Bright and appealing colour-scheme, but yet fitting for the army
  • Some freehand and realistic weathering/damage

I also wanted the army to be semi-competitive, so I would be able to enjoy playing with them throughout the weekend.

On to the photos!

The Archon and his Wyches:

I wanted at least 1 Raider as the model is big, beautiful and the perfect ride for any self respecting Archon. I spent a great deal of time getting the orange just right on this army, with bright blue gemstones as a strong contrast.

A close-up on the Archon. I painted his Agoniser to look a little like light reflecting through a pool of water, with really pale white lines and a soft blend of blues.

The Trueborn and their Venom:

Trueborn are excellent on the table, as they allow you to take even more splinter cannons in your army with very little investment.

To ensure they’d look head and shoulders above their Warrior brethren, I painted them mostly black, with some freehand details on their armour.

The Reaver Jetbikes:

Finally for this post are the Reaver Jetbikes.

I absolutely love these sculpts! They were a fantastic canvas for freehand work and getting some interesting kitbashes into the army. I also went for the Tron/Daft Punk helmets exclusively as I felt these looked stronger on the models.

Next time, I’ll show off my trio of Razorwing jets, and the 5 units of Dark Eldar Warriors in their venom transports. Until then, keep painting!