Celebrating the Last 12 month’s of hobby output is an annual tradition here at Tale of Painters. I’m going to take a look back through the year and share what I managed to paint and how many of my 2021 hobby resolutions I succeeded in completing. I’ll also share my 2022 resolutions.

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Last year I wrote this list for my hobby resolutions:

  • Finish painting the Realm of Chaos (Slaanesh vs Khorne) boxed game
  • Paint 3 Warcry Warbands (Slaanesh, Nurgle and Tzeentch Daemons). 
  • Turn the 3 Warcry Warbands into an Age of Sigmar army (Legion of Chaos Ascendant).
  • Make an Armies on Parade board for Legions of Chaos Ascendant. 

So how did I do? Well I finished the Realm of Chaos boxed game. I finished a Slaanesh Warcry Warband but not Nurgle or Tzeentch, however I did complete a Soulblight Gravelords Warband and the Tarantulos Brood Warband so I did complete 3 Warbands in total.
I then wanted to turn the three Daemon Warbands into a Legion of Chaos Ascendant army. Well I completed enough Slaanesh and Khorne to field an army but I also painted enough extra Soulblight Gravelords to turn my Warband into over 2500pts of Age of Sigmar army. Sadly, I didn’t participate in Armies on Parade this year so that was definitely a fail.

So read on to see how I went off the rails and what I did instead.

January saw me adding the finishing touches to some Dark Angel Assault Intercessors I’d started in December 2020. These were the final models from Indomitus set so riding on the success of finishing that awesome box I painted an Invictor Warsuit to add to my Dark Angels. Finishing off the month I painted two Blightlord Terminators to finish off a squad I had started a couple of years ago.

February was pretty Chaos heavy. I started the Bloodthirster in January and finished it in February. It’s a huge model but I really enjoyed it. The Chaos Master of Possession was random model I just threw in as I wasn’t sure what to paint next. After that I thought I had better get back the resolutions and I painted 5 Steeds of Slaanesh from the Realm of Chaos boxed set, my focus on Daemons didn’t last long as Games Workshop sent me the Killteam Pariah Nexus set to review and I jumped in and painted the Chronomancer to add to my Necron Army.

March was an easy month as I worked through the models in the Pariah Nexus box set. I painted the Gravis Captain to go with my Dark Angels. I then painted the Flayed ones and finally the Heavy Intercessors. I created tutorials for both the Flayed Ones and Heavy Intercessors.

April was a killer. Games Workshop sent me a copy of Cursed City and I decided to make paint tutorials for every single model in the box. I managed a whopping 12 models during this month, many of which are highly detailed characters.

I was starting to burn out during May, the tutorials were taking their toll and I nearly stopped them, but people who read the blog and on twitter were reaching out and saying how helpful they were so I painted a few Daemons as a circuit breaker. The Enrapturess, Karanak and Slaanesh Fiends helped me finish two Warcry Warbands and the Realm of Chaos box I’d had for a few years. Revitalised after this massive win I got back to the Cursed City Heroes cranking out three more.

June saw the amazing Dominion box drop and Games Workshop true to form sent me a copy to check out. I finished off the last two Cursed City Heroes which completed the tutorials but left all the undead minions still to paint. But I cracked open Dominion and decided to paint the Stormcast to add to my Primal Kings Stormhost. First I painted Yndrasta, then the three Annihilators and then I finished the month off by painting the Vindicators.

July saw a little more of Dominion painted as I added the Praetors. I also painted a test mini for the Hobgrot and wrote a tutorial for him. With a new edition out, I decided to start a new army and I chose Soulblight Gravelords because I actually really enjoyed painting Cursed City and this would give me the motivation to finish the Cursed City box set. I bought the Start Collecting Soulblight Gravelords and painted the mounted Wight King. That model is an absolute stunner. The Wight King’s deathly magic revitalised my hobby husk, reanimating me to paint some rats, zombies and Soulblight Warcry Warband led by a Vampire.

August saw me buy myself a Start Collecting Flesheater Courts box set. I choose to build the Crypt Haunters as Vargheists to add to my Soulblight. Another Soulblight army inclusion was the Zombie Dragon. The Zombie Dragon’s base is crazy big and he kind of gets lost in it so I made a big impressive base, I made a tutorial on how I made and painted the base. I also painted the rest of the Ulfernkarn Watch and Deadwalker Zombies from Cursed City completing the Cursed City box set. I finished the month off with an email from Hatchette Partworks that they would be sending me a subscription to check out, so I thought I’d work out a paint scheme for Blood Angels using a spare Reiver.

September is a weird mixed bag of models. I was determined to finish the Start Collecting Flesh Eater Courts box. Even though these units don’t fit in with my Soulblight plans they can be taken as allies. Games Workshop sent me a Beast Snagga Killrig which totally baffled me because up to this point I’d only been sent boxed games to paint. I haven’t painted Orks and I don’t collect them so I thought I’d just squeeze in the Wurrboy and review the kit and make a tutorial for him. My first two issues of Imperium magazine arrived as well. These are models I had painted before as part of the Indomitus set so it was fun to paint the Lieutenant and Royal Guard differently. I’m super happy with the Blood Angel scheme and adding more Necrons to my already sizeable army is always cool.

Well the Blood Angel army idea didn’t last long by the time October came along. Games Workshop sent me the Black Templars Army box and those sculpts sure looked amazing so I painted up a Crusader from the set for a tutorial and painted the 3 Assault Intercessors from Imperium issue 3 as Black Templars too. I managed to paint the Skorpekh Destroyers and Captain from that month’s Imperium subscription as well. Games Workshop also sent me Bastian Carthalos which I painted up in my Primal Kings colours. He actually made it into a Warhammer Community article this week. Despite all these amazing different miniatures this month I still found time to sneak in 5 Black Knights for my Soulblight Gravelords. Phew, what a month.

Well, if you thought October was busy, I turned it up to 11 in November. I cranked out 5 models for the Black Templars which included 3 Agressors from that month’s Imperium Subscription as well as the Necron Lord from the same magazine series. Then like a lightning shot from the sky Games Workshop dropped a tonne of models on me week after week after week! I prioritised the large Dragon Krondys because he was to feature in a Warhammer Community article. As I had the Dragon scheme dialled in (recipes here) I painted up the two Stormdrake Guard as well. I’m a massive Warcry fan so it was surprise I was going to finish November by tackling the incredible Red Harvest set and I painted up all the terrain from the boxed game.

December is a getting things finished month for me. As the new year looms I feel the burden of all those unfinished projects. So I finished off last month’s Imperium delivery by painting the 10 Necron Warriors and 3 Scarab swarms. Then it was back to the Warcry Red Harvest set and I made a tutorial and painted the Tarantulos warband, then I revisited Soulblight Gravelords set and finished the last 10 Graveguard to complete the Start Collecting Set. Finally with one last push I finished the Darkoath Savages to completely finish the Warcry Red Harvest Set.

2022 Hobby Resolutions

This is always so tricky as I don’t know what Games Workshop will be bringing out so I think I’m going to generalise.

  • 2000pts Warhammer 40,000 army (possibly Black Templars but will see what comes out, Eldar for instance)
  • 2000pt Age of Sigmar army (maybe Maggotkin of Nurgle)
  • Tzeentch Daemon Warcry Warband
  • Cursed City Expansions

2021 has been incredibly productive with 191 models painted (not including warcry or imperium terrain I painted). I feel incredibly luck Games Workshop want to send me models and I hope this continues so I can continue to share my love for the products by painting them, making tutorials and photographing them in dynamic cinematic photographs.

This post marks my 10th annual recap post. Find my previous resolutions for 2020 here, 2019 here, 2018 here, 2017 here, 2016 here, from 2015 here, from 2014 here, from 2013 here and from 2012 here.

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