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Assassinorum: Execution Force is a fast-paced cooperative game for one to four players. The players control the Assassins and must infiltrate a Chaos controlled Sanctum to teleport to a room where a Chaos Sorceror named Drask is conducting a ritual to turn a planet into a warp rift. It’s your job to stop him! After the jump I’ll show you what you get in the box. 

With the lid off, I love that new boxed game smell… 

The box isn’t really packed to the rafters with plastic and cardboard, but what you do get is top quality. For instance the box isn’t as deep as the Dark Vengeance boxset. The bases are bagged up and  includes 25mm, 32mm and a 50mm bases. You get 8 red dice, model sprues, cards, game tokens and board pieces. 

15 push-fit Cultists, 3 push-fit Chaos Space Marine and a Chaos Terminator Sorceror.

The game pieces are citadel miniatures and are compatible with the game Warhammer 40,000. This is really good, because if you’re new to the hobby and own Dark Vengeance it’s a great way to expand both the Dark Angel and Chaos Forces. I’m pleased they didn’t do moulded bases like they did with Space Hulk. 

The four Assassin models are on Character Clampack sized sprues. 

The Assassin models are the real show stoppers, their plastic sculpts are very true to their original metal counter-parts. They are more dynamic sculpts with plenty of action packed poses. At the time of writing they are only available in this box set. 

Bases, dice, event cards, a spare bag, rules and assembly instructions.

The rulebook is full colour and consist of 30 pages of clear and easy to follow rules. There is also a background section on the models to add character to your games. The assembly guides are really easy to follow. For painting guides and Warhammer 40,000 rules be sure to purchase White Dwarf Weekly issue 65 (back issues available from GW online store while stocks last, or ebook version from the apple iTunes store). 

12 room cards will create varied game play overtime you play.

Four big floor plans make for a large play area.

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All the card components are high quality and laminated. It’s a very thick card and feels very durable. 


When this game was announced I was very excited. I love Games Workshop Games. I grew up in the 1990’s where boxed games were regularly released and had a permanent presence in the hobby. Blood Bowl, Necromunda, GorkaMorka etc were hobby staples back then. It’s great to see Games Workshop making games again. 40k and fantasy are games, but they’re had too much attention and they’re bloated. The Hobbit hasn’t had the attention it’s deserved and boxed games like Space Hulk, Dreadfleet and Execution force get a single weeks exposure in White Dwarf and a recap in Warhammer Visions. The limited magazine exposure isn’t the worst of it. For some reason Games Workshop want to make these new games in limited quantities and use this fear tactic of it running out to scare people into buying it before it’s too late. I hate this pressurised sales tactic. Lower the price if you want to sell more. Don’t rule out a reprint. If you do reprint (like a the second run of Space Hulk) don’t say the original is limited quantity. What I’m getting at is these should be permanent features for Games Workshop. After all they are called Games Workshop, they should make and stock more than three games! I think they’d also benefit from making expansions for these games as well. How great would Dreadfleet have been if you could have expanded the fleets with more ships. 

That being said, after a week of being released, this game it’s still in stock on the Games Workshop website. I bought mine from Dark Sphere games. I was in the area and it was 20% cheaper than RRP and they had loads in stock, I didn’t feel the pressure to buy before it ran out, so I lowered my defences and purchased it and I’m pleased I did. The models are fantastic and the game reminds me of a scaled down Warhammer Quest with a party of Assassins killing opponents trying to reach the final boss. The only downside to this game is there is no campaign play, experience and levelling up like Warhammer Quest. I also doubt there will be any expansions offering new layouts, events, enemies and challenges. Which is a shame. 

It’s a good product, worth buying and I’m looking forward to painting the miniatures and playing a game or two. 

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