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This will be a 4 part showcase of my Iyanden Eldar. They are showing their age, with regard to the paint scheme, and my techniques, but these go back a few years now! Also a little bit of minor damage from excessive game play is showing. Note that this set does not include the 30 Avengers which are missing in action right now… haha 😀

Part 1 of the showcase covers all the “yellow” infantry / foot based models in the collection, so without further ado… enjoy!

Starting with the core of the force, after all Iyanden needs its dead warriors…

2 units of Guardians shown here, note the slight difference in colour tone. That was not intentional, it was a gap of 4 or so years between each unit I guess.

Next up is the Wraithguard. These are the original metals (as are the entirety of the army to be honest, all metals, no finecast here.

The pair of Wraithlords are next. Garfy will remember one of these fondly as it nicked a best painted award at London Conflict many many moons ago! Back in the day, these were the daddy of the Eldar forces, nigh on unbeatable, with excessive toughness, rending did not exist, and neither did Strength D of course. Many tourney players carried 3 of these in an army as its mainstay for that very reason. I only ever fielded 1.

The Pathfinder Rangers. Again an old mainstay in older codexes. The yellow armour underneath their stealthy cloaks.

Finally as the yellow tide ebbs, the Psychic element of the force, all metal old school models.

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Grav Platforms located

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The total infantry collection, (except the avengers and weapon platforms) 

How do you like them? Stay tuned for the second part with all the Aspect Warriors!