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Hi everyone, it’s Fruitbear! Here are the Vampire Counts models I’ve painted in the past either because I really liked the models or just for my local Games Workshop monthly painting competitions. I’ve actually thought about re basing the models then decided against it as they are memories of my painting progression in recent years so here they are and here they shall stay… on the square bases. In these models you will probably see some hints of me starting to use Hawk Turquoise which eventually led me to using them as the spot colour itself for my Skeleton Warriors in my previous post. Hope you all enjoy the models!

What a time it was when the End of Times was here lat year! When I saw the Spirit Hosts I had to get them. I decided on a colour scheme that is more or less similar to the box art. I airbrushed black, grey and white using the zenithal highlighting technique then applied Nihiliakh Oxide all over the model. Waywatcher green was applied to the recesses giving a more variations in the green tones of the models. After that was a two stage highlight of Ulthuan Grey and White. The skeletons are painted the same method as the ones in my previous post

I also wanted to do something with the base so I cut some paving tiles out of 1mm thick card and glued them to the base. The bases were fairly simple to paint using a lot of grey tones as well as green and turquoise glazes on the paving to achieve subtle variations in colour. I added some birch seed pods on the bases as leaves which I reckon give the base a different element.

For any of you that have Warhammer Visions Issue 18 please check these Spirit Hosts there a long with my Ork Nobs.

This Cairn Wraith was painted for a Halloween theme painting competition in 2013. I wanted to stray away from the colours on the box art so I chose different tones of brown for this model.

I used very watered down paints and the layering technique to achieve the gradation on the Cairn Wraith. Note! this was before I discovered the joys of the feathering technique after watching Ben Komets on youtube! So It took me a while to layer the whole model.

As you can see on the Scythe this is the beginning of my use of Hawk Turquoise and Ice Blue to show some weathering on metal.

This Black Knight was painted for a Warhammer Fantasy painting competition in 2013. I choose to do one of the Black Knights that I have based already.

What I tried to do was create a subtle red tone on the material covering the horse so again I used very watered down paints and layering to achieve this look followed by sharp highlights. The metal is just simply Boltgun Metal with a wash of the old GW range equivalents to Nuln Oil and Agrax Earthshade then a highlight of Chainmail. I also used, Hawk Turquoise and Ice Blue for some weathering.

I actually sculpted the base to have paving on it. This was painted in a similar way to the paving on the spirit hosts but to achieve colour variation I dry brushed lighter browns and yellows instead of using glazes.

This Grave Guard was painted for a painting competition in 2013 where we had to use one of the new technical paints that came out. I really wanted to use Blood for the Blood God on a blade so this Grave Guard was a great choice for me.

In regards to the painting not much is different from the Black Knight. I only painted the bone more neatly as well as trying to paint a glow on the blade an YES! that is Hawk Turquoise!! The Blood for the Blood God was applied with thin strokes so it looks like it just chopped through some flesh. I really like this technical paint and use it on a lot of my Ork models now!

That’s all for now. Hopefully there will be a few more posts for the Undead coming soon! But for now, “HAIL THE GLORIOUS DEAD!”

Take care and be well!

Thanks everyone!

– FruitBear