The first five statue marines are finished! OK, that’s a bit unfair, I actually have a soft spot for these guys. I think they look awesome with their heads low down in their chests and their huge shoulder pads. I’m not too worried about the same poses, the varying freehand designs are helping to give each their own character. More pictures after the jump including an old vs new picture…

Each model features a classic army badge icon in the form of a skull surrounded by a yellow ring. I also painted some variant tactical symbols. I will add more variant symbols on the next five marines. The hardest part of these models was painting bright yellow accurately. On the next five I’m going to spray the models blue then paint the yellow quickly and roughly and then tidy up by re-applying blue. That should speed things up. 

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The backs are quite uninspiring, does anyone spend time painting the backs of models? If you’re a gamer then you’re going to spend most of your time staring at their backs as they march forwards. 

The sergeant features some red skulls to denote his rank as sergeant. The sergeant’s back banner is made from greenstuff. I rolled out some greenstuff on a wet, smooth tile and when it was 90% cured I cut out the shape of the banner and super glued it to the banner pole. I was considering chopping the banner pole off but I had to keep it retro. 

Look how far Citadel has come in twenty years. Modern miniatures are covered in detail and have great movement. I love this shot.

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