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Hello all! Hope everyone had an awesome start to the new year! I haven’t posted here for a while but a few days ago I just finished painting this Eldar Autarch so he’s my first 2016 miniature. I’m really pleased with this miniature as I took a few risks but they have paid off so I hope you all like it.

This miniature is an entry piece for a local tournament held in the next few days. One of the requirements is it has to be a leader. Since I’ve always love this mini I jumped at the chance to paint it. Siam Hann is also one of my favorite Craftworlds so the colour scheme was easy to pick.

I really wished to stay true to the Eavy Metal version that we are all familiar with but I wanted to add a personal twist to it since it’s for a competition. As you can see the biggest changes are the wings, helm and shoulder pads and yesss I’ve painted 24 gems in total on the entire mini because come on! He’s an Autarch and deserves no less right!

Firstly I airbrushed the mini with the zenithal highlighting technique from black to grey then white. The red armor was base coated with a 1:1 mix of Scab Red and Mephiston Red with successive thin layers of a 1:1 mix of Mephiston Red and Evil Suns Scarlet. The recesses were lined with Agrax Earthshade then a two stage highlight of Evil Suns Scarlet to Fire Dragon Bright followed by a final highlight of 1:1 mix of Fire Dragon Bright then white sparingly.

The bone coloured elements were base coated with Zandri Dust and the recesses were lined in with Agrax Earthshade. The mini was then highlighted with Ushabti Bone followed by a final edge highlight of white. The white coloured elements were basecoated with an edge colour, Blue Horror ironically then layered from Ulthuan grey to white leaving the Blue Horror in the recesses.

The Cloak was base coated with a 1:1 mix of Screamer Pink and Black then layered with Screamer Pink and highlighted with Emperor’s Children with a final highlight of 1:1 mix of Emperor’s Children and White. It is the same way I painted some of the gems as well but i’ll add a spot of White at the end. I decided to leave the cloak plain with no freehand work because there were a lot of folds.

The power sword,other gems and any turquoise elements were base coated with either stegadon Scale Green or a 1:1 mix of Hawk Turquoise and Black. Then layered from Hawk Turquoise to Temple Guard Blue with a two stage highlight of Baharroth Blue and a 1:1 mix of Baharroth Blue and white then dots of white on certain edges.

The power sword was a real challenge for me as this is actually the first time I’ve done it. I did practice feathering techniques on other models before but this was the real test for me. Although on one side the center line highlight is a bit wonky but I was still really please with it.

The freehand on the inner face of the cloak was painted with Hawk Turquoise and this was the only are that had freehand.

For the base I wanted some contrast with earthy colours as well as blue/green hues. I used a lot of really thinned down glazes to achieve this effect followed by an edge highlight and light dry brush of Ushabti Bone. I used birch seed for the fallen leaves.

There is actually a lot to go through with what I did for the mini. If I wanted to type out everything it’ll be an even longer easy then it is now so if there are any questions please comment bellow and i’ll be happy to answer them.

That brings me to the end of this article. It’s been quite an experience painting this miniature and I’ve learnt quite a bit as well as trying out new techniques that I’ve always been hesitant in trying. But I gota say, after this mini I’ll stay away from painting gems and Eldar for a while. Need a little break! I’ll be entering a state painting competition April so I’ll be preparing for that in the mean time. I’ll definitely be posting up some time during next month so until then, take care and have an awesome year ahead!

FruitBear out!