HELLO AGAIN! (insert nice sounding intro along the usual lines of ‘Hello, I am that guy who painted the obnoxious space bird and Garfy has invited me to talk about the rest of my rainbow daemon friends so here we go’)

Doing a box of Pink horrors was my first priority when I decided to embark on my Tzeentch Daemon army. It seemed like the place to start as I had never really painted anything as colourful or containing so many blends before. These guys were essentially my practice pieces.

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I soon found that pink is a horrific colour to nail especially given how bright I wanted my horrors to be and it took a long time and a lot of playing around to land on a recipe that I felt was alright. This is why some of my horrors look darker/brighter than the others (I figured I could let these inconsistencies slide because ‘change’). I’m still not quite sold on the pink but I’m already planning my next box of horrors to hopefully rectify that.

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Having finally finished my pink horror practice models I decided to be brave and move onto one of my favorite Tzeentch miniatures; The Changeling. He’s a beautiful mini and was a delight to paint as I didn’t even need to worry about messing up his face. The Changeling’s lore is both terrifying and hilarious (Cutting Slaanesh’s hair in his sleep with a stolen hellblade and sneaking some nurglings onto the Skull Throne to act as a grim sort of whoopee cushion are two of my favourite extracts) and I wanted the colour scheme to reflect his chaotic nature but also be very rich and contrasting.

The bases I used for all these models are from Micro Art Studios.

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