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Review: Age of Sigmar Arcane Cataclysm Battlebox

Age of Sigmar Arcane Cataclysm battlebox

Today I review and unbox Arcane Cataclysm, the latest entry in the series of Age of Sigmar battleboxes. Lumineth Realm-lords face the Disciples of Tzeentch, when magical hosts duel in the ruins of eldritch war. Let’s find out more about the two exclusive models and whether the box is a good deal or not.

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Showcase: Herald of Tzeentch

Heya, it’s been a while since you saw the charming smile of this fella but he’s finished now! I really love this model. There’s so much fun stuff going on. I whilst paining tzeentch models the mind starts to wander and I start thinking what…

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WIP: Herald of Tzeentch on Chariot

Currently on the workbench: Chariot of Tzeentch! This model is plain fun. It’s basically the stuff I like about Screamers combined with the stuff I like about Flamers all in one. The model itself is almost done, I need a proppa base now I guess…

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