Hi everyone, FruitBear here! Here’s my second batch of 10 Skeleton Warriors. These ones had a bit more detail so took longer to paint. I’m pretty happy with the outcome and got to do some free hand as well which is always daunting but a treat at the same time.

I wanted to make these guys the vanguard of the unit therefore they have the most armor. The colour scheme is pretty much the same as the previous 10 skeleton warriors I did, using Hawk Turquoise as the spot colour and in bits of the weathering too.

Garfy's Get a Grip banner 760x100 px

There were a few more colours used in these models such as the belt straps and buckles, the hair and the brass on the shields as well. I thought the addition of these colours would give the unit a more dynamic colour pallet without overpowering the Hawk Turquoise.

Funnily enough the banner was the last thing I painted. I just had one thing that I wanted to paint, a skull with sharp teeth. But before that I went through some old White Dwarf Magazines that featured Vampire Counts to get inspiration and found a banner that used the same colours I did. The free hand on the banner was what I was looking for and I thought it wouldn’t be too hard to replicate so essentially I copied it.

“Imitation is flattery I suppose”

Noble Knight Games Banner large


Overall I’m really happy with the outcome of the 20 skeleton warriors I’ve painted so far. They have been the fastest models I’ve ever painted which is great since I use to be the type who would want to paint every miniature to the standard on the box art.

This is it so far for the undead but more will be coming in the near future. I’ll be posting about a really special model next, which I think is my best yet. Hope you guys will really like that one as it’s really dear to me.

Until then thanks everyone and take care!