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Hey everyone! Lecoqadoodledo back with a more long term project. These Fire Warriors are my first Troop choice for my Sa’cea Sept Tau army. I’ve been chipping away at the army since November last year, with various projects in between.

Tau, specifically Farsight Enclave, were my first army back in late 2013 when I began the hobby, and I felt it was time to tackle these incredible miniatures again with a more refined scheme and technique. I love the lore behind Sa’cea, and their colour palette is great to work with. The theme for them is urban warfare, specifically in an overgrown city. More models after the jump.

This Cadre Fireblade was the first model for the army, and the test for the scheme. I opted for a slightly darker blue, so that the orange Sept markings would really pop. The blue was achieved with a basecoat of Dark Reaper, glazed highlights of Thunderhawk Blue, and an edge highlight of Russ Grey. The Sept markings were straight Fire Dragon bright, and highlighted with Lugganath Orange where needed.

​I love Stealth Suits, so these were my second addition to the army. They are slightly darker than the rest of the army due to my inexperience with glaze highlighting at the time. I have a second unit of Stealth Suits to do in the future, but made up of the older XV15 suits.

The commander of my army, Shadowsun has been a favourite model of mine for a while, but I was cautious about having to work with Finecast as I just prefer plastic. I’m quite happy with how she turned out in the Sa’cea scheme, and I’m really happy with her skin.

Probably the largest/bulkiest model I’ve worked on, this was a big project for me. I fell in love with the Ghostkeel when it was released, and just had to have one. There are very few stealth based models that genuinely look sneaky, and despite its size, for me the Ghostkeel is one of them.

Thanks for reading, I really hope you’ve enjoyed seeing my work, and I should have some more to show soon!