While I’m slaving away at painting the Nurgle models and it’s really, really hot, so painting is a chore I’ll take a break and chat about the Primaris Marines in this box.

Just like with the Nurgle minis the Space Marines come on three different sprues with one duplicate sprue in the box (see above). These two sprues have a mix of tactical Marines, dudes from the Hellblaster Squad and an Inceptor (that’s Assault) Marine on them each, so the duplicates are very cleverly spread out over the different squads and arm pairs from other sprues make make them look different each. Very clever indeed.

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Here’s the Other Sprue. Couldn’t think of a different term as parts are so much used between sprues that it’s hard to differentiate. In total you get 10 BigMarines with BigBolters out of these sprues, 3 BigJumps BigMarines and a squad of 5 BigMarines with BigPlasmaguns (call Hellblaster Squad). On top of this we get one banner bearer, two Lieutenants and a Commander for a total of 22 figures.

I guess this one could be called the Command Sprue. Assembling these minis is a bit trickier than on the Nurgle ones as everything looks the same. The way I did them was to leave off guns held across the chest, backpacks/jump packs and heads (as they are less exposed on the new Mk.X armour and painting will be easier if I mount them on toothpicks or something, paint them seperately and then glue them in. Also: Maybe I’ll choose to do some headswaps. I also didn’t glue on the banner.

Each of the models is standing on a 32mm round base, except for the Ancient (holding the banner. Aren’t the BigMarines all supposed to be new?), the two Lieutenants (look, they dug up that rank for SM again!) and the Commander, all of whom are standing on 40mm round bases. The Inceptor Marines are using the new flight stands

The assembly is a load of work of course (including removing mould lines), but that’s multi-part plastics for ya. The minis look really nice of course, go together well, etc., etc.

Here’s a selection of minis as assembled by me:

I don’t own a Space Marines army myself, because I’m plenty busy with Orks, Imperial Guard and Sisters of Battle. So I’m rather stumped with the choice of how to paint these chaps. This is where I need YOUR input:

Which chapter should I choose for my Primaris Marines?

Any vote* will be considered.

* The following votes will not be considered: Angry Marines, anything related to Ponies or Girls who in any way do have something to do with Panzers. 😛


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