Heroquest Villains
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Showcase: Heroquest Villains

What’s a hero without a villain though? Just another undesirable troublemaker. So here’s the two Big Bads of Heroquest, the surprisingly buff Chaos Warlock, and the Greater Daemon of Kh- no, wait. The Bloodthi-, no, sorry, entirely wrong there. It’s the Gargoyle of course! Remember…

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Showcase: Heroquest Heroes

Here’s our heroes! It’s hard to come up with postings for these without using the word ‘iconic’. Especially with these chaps. I mean this guy is THE White Dwarf after all. And all the others as there too! Angry Elf, 5-Spaces-Stare Barbarian, and of course…

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Showcase: Heroquest Furniture

Alright, this one might take a bit of abstraction. Most of you will instantly recognize the Heroquest furniture. And that they’re lacking the cardboard parts. Oh well. All I can say is that in the not-too-distant future I’ll post another set of Heroquest, and that…