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Hello all! Comrade Quiche here again with another Dread Mob update. Today I have for your consideration a trio of Ork Deff Dreads!

This kit has to be my absolute favorite to build, convert, and paint. They have received a huge boost in 8th edition, but still have a little difficulty working on their own. The models are so cool that I don’t care anyway!

The first Deff Dread kit that I put together I decided would be from the Goff Klan. I wanted to give this color scheme a try, as I didn’t have much experience painting black. Mostly I dry brushed Dawn Stone over a simple black primer, then sponged and line-painted scratches using Rune Fang Steel. I put together 9 different bases, and cast them in resin to make kitting out my whole Dread Mob easier.

After I painted up the Goff I decided that a nice bright color would do, and went with a Bad Moons color scheme.

The kit I put together was bought from a friend, and was already somewhat assembled, also a few parts were missing, but alas! I happened to have an old Defiler that was ripe for the lootin’. To make each Deff Dread a little different I used different combinations of face plates, and converted small details here and there.

In order to weather this model I sponged Rhinox hide onto all the areas that I thought would get chipped, dented or otherwise damaged, and then sponged Rune Fang Steel over it, still leaving a little old rust color showing through. Typhus Corrosion was used for the streaking grime, and oxidation found on the joints and other areas.

My third and favorite Dread is a member of the Evil Sunz Klan. As with the Bad Booms dread, a few bitz were missing so I had to improvise! Two bombs were used for the Dread sized jet pack, while the nose cones were drawn up in Solidworks, and 3D printed.

The shoulder pads were trimmed down, and attached close to the top of the arms, to give it a more “aerodynamic” look.

Stay tuned for the Killa Kanz next – and leave a comment if you like my Dreads 😉