Perched on his throne of lies, the Abhorrant Archregent rules all before him speaking his madness to all who lay eyes on him. Don’t worry though, you won’t suffer cannibalistic delusions if you read this blog post, instead you’ll be greeted with top quality photographs and painting guides for Flesh-eater Courts Charnel Throne and the Abhorrant Archregent.

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The Abhorrant Archregent is a Ghoul King that has been in his state of madness for so long that he has become more powerful than the other Ghoul Kings and reigns over them within his domain. They’re serious hunters and lead their armies from the front when it’s time to sally forth and defend their lands from interlopers. When not crusading the Abhorrant Archregent can be found brooding on a throne made from the bones of enemies slaughtered by his death magic. These madness infected bones shake and scream with the raw delusion exuding from the Abhorrant and cursing all those who witness it.

The Abhorrant Archregent is a large model when compared to his diminutive Crypt Ghouls and he’s not that detailed so it makes him quite enjoyable to paint. I could concentrate more on the blending on his brown legs and purple hands knowing I didn’t have lots of fiddly details to paint. I really like his pose like he’s hissing in disgust at some slight to his reputation or something.

I didn’t need to make a new paint recipe card for the Arch Regent as everything was covered in my Royal Beastflayer recipe card. For the ruined column, see the terrain recipe card below.

You can’t have the King of Ghoul Kings without a suitable throne to sit on and the Charnel Throne is the perfect perch for my Vampiric nobility. It’s such an interesting piece of terrain. it’s large and imposing but minimalistic at the same time. The platform is just big enough for a single 40mm base. I’m tempted to get a second one to join them together to have a larger platform.

I recently painted up the Crypt of Blood terrain and I used this recipe card for the Charnel Throne to match it into the terrain set. I think as a set they all look great together.

Next up I have the Flesh-eater Courts endless spells to paint.

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