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The last year has been amazing for me with regard to new releases. First the Lizardmen then Dwarves and now the Wood Elves. All three armies I collect and play. When I saw the new woody models last Friday, I will confess to literally squealing with delight. The problem now is stuff is coming out faster than I can paint! That isn’t a complaint by any means … keep ’em coming GW!

With the new woodies coming I thought it would be a great time to share with you all my winter themed Wood Elves. I started this collection immediately after the last release and at the time it represented the absolute best painting I could muster. When I look at them now I can’t help but feel a bit embarrassed at what I considered my best. So step into the time machine and over the next couple weeks I will showcase the collection and my early painting skillz.

First up 10 Glade Guard. 

When I started this project I wanted to do a unique, fluffy seasonal theme. After what I remember as several weeks of agonizing over which season to choose I did a test model for winter. It came out nice but I thought it was missing something. Warm snuggly fur trim! The next test model then was testing my ability at sculpting for the first time really. Before this I had never done more than fill gaps with my green stuff. Thankfully fur is rather easy to do so it turned out okay even with my rudimentary skill. When I painted up that model I was sold on the theme and went into production mode.

All Glade Guard were given fur on the hoods, the uppers of their boots and the capelets on their backs.

I went with reds for the spot color on fletching and leaves, otherwise it was too stark and boring to look at. Gold was used sparingly on these guys.

Stay tuned for more …