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Inspired by painting the new Goliath models for Necromunda, I thought it was the perfect occasion to revisit my classic Escher gang I painted in 2014. I feel these Jes Goodwin sculpts have aged very well, as they were ahead of their time (and ahead of the other gangs’ models), with modern style weapons and (rather) modern proportions. I prefer these over the new plastic kit, and when I talked to Jes at Warhammerfest Germany in 2018 about my Escher models, it was my impression he likes his versions more, too, lol. Find out what I’ve changed after the jump.

The most obvious changes are the new style of asphalt bases with the name tags, the same style as on my Goliath gang. Originally I thought of entering my Goliath and Escher gang along with my selection of classic Necromunda cardboard/bulkhead buildings and modern Sector Mechanicus terrain pieces for Armies on Parade, but I guess due to the current situation we probably won’t have a proper Armies on Parade this year.

I also refined and sharpened some of the highlights, especially on the metal and purple armour, fixed some mistakes I missed back then, added a few more turquoise spots, softened the transitions on the yellow and repainted most of the clothes to be a shade of purple. I also added more variety to the skin tones. Back then I painted all of my Eschers in a very pale skin tone, so with a couple of quick glazes with Reikland Fleshshade and some Contrast Medium, I was able to darken the skin very easily, while the Leader’s skin was repainted completely. I much prefer the more natural look of mixed skin tones, adds a lot of personality and makes them look less like clones.

Here are some exemplary Escher models before the rework. I had a different lighting setup for my camera back then, so the colours are a bit off. Notice the different basing style and the beige trenchcoat of the Leader, which I changed to purple.You can check out my whole Escher collection here.

Stay tuned for part two of my showcase post when we have a look at five more reworked Escher gangers.

Which generation of Escher models do you prefer? How do you like the changes I made? Leave a comment or reaction below!


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