Today’s blog I share more cinematic shots of my Primal Kings Stormcast Vindictors from the Dominion set, plus close ups as well as explaining how I paint my yellow. Stay around til the end for the group shot.

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The Vindictors are the battleline troops of Sigmar’s new Thunderstrike troops. Wearing redesigned armour made by the God Grunghi himself this armour will explode when one of Sigmar’s Stormcast dies shooting their soul through the sky back to Azyr. Armed with shields and storm spears they get a 3+ save and a 2″ reach into combat. I’m thinking of pairing them up with another unit like Liberators. 5 liberators in the front and 5 Vindictors in the back and both units will be able to fight the same target but the vindicators will be safer. Or maybe a cheaper unit of Gryph Hounds in front? That might be cool.

I’m been asked a lot how I paint my yellow so I thought I’d write it out here. A simple way that doesn’t use Contrast is my House Hawkshroud guide that you can see below.

When I wrote that Imperial Knight guide, there was no Contrast. So I’ve been adapting my yellows to include Contrast now. The effect is virtually the same, you’re just replacing the shading layers of Skrag Brown for Contrast Iyanden Yellow and Gryph Hound Orange. Here’s what I do.

  • If you started with a grey or black undercoat then apply two thinned coats of Corax white.
  • Then two thinned coats of Yriel Yellow base.
  • Shade the lower halves and recesses with Contrast Iyanden Yellow. Don’t treat it like a wash. There is no need to wash the entire yellow area.
  • Highlight the upper halves with Flash Gitz Yellow.
  • Then panel line with Gryph Hound Orange
  • Finally edge highlight with Wraithbone.

Here it is, three weeks worth of painting and I’ve finished 4 Warscroll units from the Dominion set.

I think I’m going to take a break from Stormcast for a while and instead of starting the Kruleboyz, I’m going to paint some Soulblight Gravelords.

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