Underworlds finally joins Warcry and delves deep into the Gnarlwood in the Realm of Ghur. Warbands venture under the trees and into the cavernous root halls to find spilled treasures from the fallen voidship the Eye of Chotec. In today’s post I share stunning cinematic photography of Domitian’s Stormcoven and Ephilim’s Pandaemonium. Want to know how I painted these models? Well I also have full paint recipe cards for you to bookmark or download to keep for free.

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The Realm of Ghur is a heaving mass of tectonic plates that are trying to eat and destroy each other. The actual landmasses are in constant conflict. The wildlife is no different with Gnarloak trees, ripping up their roots and moving through the forest to pick off unwary trespassers and draining them of blood. It’s this upheaval that creates root caverns beneath the Garish Heartlands.

The Realmshaper engines from the crashed Voidship have been corrupted by the roots of the Gnarlwood and the root halls seethe and pulse with realm shaper magical energies. Ghur is choking on these Realm engines and powerful amber magic occasionally erupts from the maw like caverns like the Realm of Ghur is trying to cough something up. It is feared that Ghur will either choke on these or it will erupt with pure raw magical energy. It is for this reason that Sigmar has sent his magical warriors from his Valedictor Temple.

Domitan’s Stormcoven painted

From left to right: Leona Stratosi, Domitan Eye of the Storm and Sarpone the Cyclone

Domitan leads his Storm Covern and he is known as the eye of the storm and he embodies Sigmar the God King. Joining Domitan is Sarpone the Cyclone who represents Sigmar the warrior God. Finally there is Leona Stratosi avatar of Sigmar as an elemental tempest.

Painting the Stormcast from Wyrdhollow was a bit tricky for a couple of reasons. Firstly, all the robes and hanging fabrics are really hard to get to so you have to leave the models off the base so you can paint all the hard to reach areas. Secondly, my colour scheme is not easy. White and yellow are probably the two hardest colours to paint. I’d definitely recommend a white undercoat for these.

Ephilim’s Pandaemonium painted

Ephilim and his Daemon entourage weren’t drawn to the Gnarloak, they’re actually refugees. Ephilim is a servant of a Gaunt Summoner called the Eater of Tomes in a Silver Tower which was attacked by Seraphon in Chamon and in their haste to escape rounded up as many catalogued Daemons and quickly opened a realm gate and escaped through it and ended up in Ghur. Perhaps it was Tzeentch’s guiding hand that led them to the magically infused root halls under the Gnarlwood.

Top left: Ephilim. Bottom left: Kindlefinger. Top right: Spawnmaw. Middle right: Apo’tax, the Starefysh. Bottom right: Flamespooler.

Ephilim the Unknowable isn’t a Gaunt Summoner, this genderless daemon’s purpose was to wander the halls and corridors of their master’s Silver Tower and capture the countless Daemons and seal them within trick mirrors. Ephilim is obsessed with this fruitless task of trying to understand every mutable strain of Daemon.

Ok, so I thought the Stormcast were tricky to paint. The number of colours, shades and hues in this warband has mean’t I’ve had to make 2 recipe cards just to fit it all on. All these colour schemes are based on the last 4 months of painting different Tzeentch units. The colours of Ephilim’s robes are from the Jade Obelisk I painted. Apo’trax uses the colours from my Screamers of Tzeentch. Spawnmaw and Kindlefinger are obviously Pink Horrors.

Flamespooler and Ephilim had a couple of areas that I didn’t have a painting guide for notably their skin and large feathers. I came up with a pale vibrant blue that was different enough from the robes or blue horrors I had painted. Flamespooler has left me wanting to get some Tzaangors now as I’m really happy with his colour scheme.

I found the lore and background fascinating for these two Warbands. I’ve been battling in the Gnarlwood with my Warcry warbands for a while now and I’m excited to venture under the trees and start playing Warhammer Underworlds again. Don’t forget to check out Stahly’s review of the boxed game here.

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