In today’s post I share paint recipes for my recently finished Plaguebearers I painted for my Warcry Warband.

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Nurgle Daemon Skin

Undercoat the model white and then base coat the model with Elysian Green. Cover the entire basecoat with a thin wash of 1 part Dark Angels Contrast + 6 parts Contrast Medium. You want the wash to go into the crevices and not really stain the skin colour, hence why it’s so heavily thinned. Watch out for tide marks and pooling on raised areas. Once dry, paint the skin with Orruk Flesh leaving the shading in the crevices and skin folds showing through. Apply a wide highlight of Ogryn Camo (remember to thin with water and apply it thinly a couple of times so it’s a softer transition between layers). Then apply some fine edge highlights of Ionrach Skin (thinner the line the better)

Skin Details

Wash the teeth with Basilicanum Grey Teeth. Paint any spots, horns, intestines, teeth, eyes, maggots with Screaming Skull. This might take a couple of coats if you’re painting over a green basecoat.  Then wash the maggots, eyes and spots with 1 part Nazdreg Yellow and 1 part Contrast Medium. Highlight the spots with a spot of Flash Gitz Yellow

Wash around spots and exposed wound areas with 1 part Reikland Fleshshade mixed with 1 part Contrast Medium. Paint gore/intestines etc with 1 part Flesh Tearers Red + 2 parts Contrast Medium. Wash gore/intestines with a heavy coat of Druchii Violet. Dot the eyes and spots with White Scar. Add some fine highlights of White Scar to exposed gore/intestines to look like glossy reflections. You can also paint on some gloss varnish to the gore if you want. Highlight maggots with white as well.

Rusty Weapons

Undercoat the metal area white. Then basecoat the metal with Squig Orange. Take an old large brush that you don’t mind destroying and using scissors cut half the bristles off to make a stipple brush. Use the stipple brush to pick up some Troll Slayer Orange and dab it lightly on a tissue to remove some paint and then dab it on the metal area to add a stipple pattern with the lighter orange. Repeat this step using Doombull Brown all over. Then stipple Rhinox hide on just the edges. Mine 1 part Fire Dragon Bright with 3 parts Contrast Medium and wash it into recesses and crevices. Rust seems to be brighter and more concentrated in areas water runs into and sits.  Once the Fire Dragon Bright recess wash is dry, using a fine detail brush add a few Fire Dragon Bright spots to the metal. Finally, add some Runefang Steel chipping to the edges.

For the horns, check out steps 5, 6 and 9 in this tutorial.
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