Today I’m showing you an older model of mine that I recently reworked slightly: Garkorr, Bladegheist Revenant, the limited edition Nighthaunt model that was released for the opening of the 500th Warhammer shop.

Cinematic shot of Garkorr, Bladegheist Revenant

I use this pretty cool model as a Knight of Shrouds. I originally painted it a year ago, but after tweaking my colour scheme when I painted my Spirit Hosts, I had to rework Garkorr as well. At the time I had the problem of accidentally breaking the chain on the back, and of course, it broke again this time. So I had to re-pin it again and conceal the breakage with Green Stuff. It’s a shame, since it’s also a limited model, but I hope it will finally stay on this time. A problem I often have with Nighthaunt models: something always breaks off. Is it just me? Drop me a comment.

If you would like to know how I painted this model, check out my tutorial for painting my Nighthaunt paint scheme here:

However, as mentioned before, I made a few changes to my paint scheme since I wrote the tutorial. The recipe for the lilac spectral bodies has stayed the same, but the spot colours have been changed. Here are the updated recipes for reference:

Primer: Corax White

Basecoat gravestones: VMC Dark Grey
Wash gravestones: Basilicanum Grey
Drybrush gravestones: Mechanicus Standard Grey
Drybrush gravestones: TAP Filthy Cape
Basecoat texture: Mechanicus Standard Grey
Basecoat rocks: TAP Ash Grey
Wash rocks: Mix of TAP Dark Tone / Strong Tone Ink / Contrast Medium 1:1:1
Drybrush rocks: VGC Stonewall Grey
Drybrush texture, gravestones, and rocks: Corax White
Wash texture: Mix of TAP Dark Tone / Strong Tone Ink / Contrast Medium 1:1
Trim: VMC Black

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Lilac grey ectoplasm
Basecoat: TAP D&D Purple Worm (Airbrush)
Zenithal Highlights: Corax White (Airbrush) 
Recess shading: TAP Purple Tone Ink / Contrast Medium 1:1
Drybrush: Corax White
Gentle Drybrush: VMC White
Edge Highlight: VMC White

Purple adornments
2x Wash: Shyish Purple / Contrast Medium 2:1
Highlight: Genestealer Purple (if needed)
Highlight: Dechala Lilac

Rusty Steel
Basecoat: VMeC Light Steel
2x Wash: Dark Tone Ink / Contrast Medium 1:1
Wash: Reikland Fleshshade Gloss
Recess shade: Gore-grunta Fur

Tarnished Brass
Wash: TAP Strong Tone Ink
Recess wash verdigris: Coelia Greenshade
Recess wash verdigris: TAP Wizards Orb / Contrast Medium 1:1
Highlight: GSW Gladius Bronze

Crimson Gems
Basecoat: Khorne Red
Layer: Wazdakka Red
Highlight: Pink Horror
Highlight: TAP Scar Tissue
Dot Highlight: TAP Centaur Skin

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Dark Brown Vines
Basecoat: Corax White
2x Wash: Gore-grunta Fur
Highlight: Skragg Brown
Highlight: Deathclaw Brown

Basecoat: Wraithbone
Wash: Wyldwood / Contrast Medium 1:12
Selective Wash: Wyldwood / Contrast Medium 1:6
Layer: Wraithbone with a little bit of P3 Beast Hide (only where needed to remove pooling)
Highlight: Pallid Wych Flesh

Abbreviations: OOP = old Citadel paint range (out of production), VGC = Vallejo Game Color, VMC = Vallejo Model Color, VMechaC = Vallejo Mecha Color, P3 = Privateer Press Formula P3, TAP = The Army Painter Warpaints, RMS = Reaper Master Series, GSW = Greenstuff World, S75 = Scale 75 Scale Color

I hope you enjoyed this look at my updated model. Feel free to leave me a comment or reaction, check out my Patreon for additional resources, and have a productive hobby week!


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