Jerrion sallies forth from the citadel with a contingent of virtuous knights and devoted serfs to bring his King’s message to all the lands. The new Dawnbringer box sets hit store shelves this weekend and I was lucky enough to get them early. Having recently painted the Royal Beastflayers, I thought I’d continue on my quest to amass a Flesh-eater Courts army worthy of marching under their Lord’s royal banner and chose to paint up the entire Jerrion’s Delegation boxed set.

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Jerrion’s Delegation Dawnbringer Set was kindly supplied by Games Workshop. My thoughts and opinions are my own.

The Flesh-eater Courts Dawnbringer set contains the oldest models when compared to the other three sets. Some may say the Crypt Ghouls are overdue a redesign and a new boxed set. You can tell when kits are getting old by the moldlines on the models. The huge metal injection mold that makes these kits degrades ever so slightly over time and moldlines get worse. It was definitely the case for the Crypt Ghouls in this set who took quite a bit of cleaning up to get presentable.

Sir Jerrion

There is only a single model in this set that is new and that is Brave Sir Jerrion. A deluded cannibal who wanders from settlement to settlement asking for the horrified occupants to pledge fealty to the Summerking, so they can be saved. Jerrion is a pretty small model but is made up with some clever interlocking parts that do a good job of hiding joins. The scythe across his back is fiddly, so make sure you dry fit it a couple of times before attempting to line it up with glue on the pieces.

Crypt Flayers

Jerrion’s Delegation Dawnbringer set includes the Crypt Horrors/Flayers unit twice. So you can make a unit of each or double up on one or the other. I decided to make a unit of each because I like variety in my painting (instead of competent army list building). The only difference between the Flayers and the Horrors are the wings/arms respectively. Even the heads are the same as there are only three heads to choose from in the kit which is a real shame. I decided to make Crypt Flayer Infernal (unit leader) a little different from the Crypt Horror Infernal and added Gargant skulls to the spikes protruding from his back. I also switched out the femur on his neck ring for another skull, subtle little changes but it all helps differentiate the two Infernals.

Crypt Horrors

The Crypt Flayers/Horrors are really big models. They come on 50mm bases which surprised me. They’re not covered in detail so are pretty easy to paint. I used thinned contrast paints, some ultra light drybrushing and edge highlights. It’s perfect for army painting. I put a little more effort into Sir Jerrion of course. I also used spare spikes and grisly trophies from the Ghouls and Horrors to litter the bases with the remains of their last meal.

Crypt Ghouls

Earlier in this post I mentioned the old Crypt Ghouls. The Dawnbringer set has 20 in there and the Start Collecting set I painted a while back has 10, so I’m invested in this old kit now and have a unit of 30, so I don’t really want to see them replaced and actually I think there is a bit of a goofy charm to them. The Royal Beastflayers warcry warband has three small Ghouls in the warband and they look like updated versions of Crypt Ghouls but they’re called Ghoul Trackers so maybe they wouldn’t replace Crypt Ghouls in the future and they’ll just bring out new ones with a different name (and battlefield role). I’d be cool with that.

Crypt Ghouls

The Ghouls are so fast to paint. I batch painted 20 in 4 days, I couldn’t believe it. They’re not the greatest paint jobs in the world but when blobbed together in a huge unit I think they look ok.

My Flesh-eater Court in all its resplendent glory.

So, what’s next for my Flesh-eater Courts army? Well, I’m not sure really. I’d love to hunt down and grab a copy of Duke Crakmarrows Underworld’s warband. I also like the faction specific terrain, the Charnel Throne. The endless spells are pretty sweet too. I should probably get a Terrorgheist too at some point. Oh, and I need an Abhorrent Archregent to lead the army.

If you’re wondering how I painted Jerrion’s Delegation then I just followed my Royal Beastflayers’ recipe card. I used the rotting flesh recipe for the Crypt Flayers’ wings. Ties everything together nicely.

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