Welcome to today’s post about push fit Necron Warriors. These easy to build models come with issue 2 of the popular partworks magazine series called Imperium produced by Games Workshop and Hatchette Partworks.

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Imperium magazine issues 1 and 2 were kindly sent to me by Hatchette Partworks

3 Necron warriors is a bit of an odd size. It’s not a “legal” squad size and if I bought another two magazines I’d have nine and still be 1 short. I’m not sure how i’m going to turn this into a unit of 10. I might just go on ebay and pick up some cheap sprues of Necron warriors.

Painting them was easy as I’d already painted 20 Necron Warriors last year and I could follow my own painting tutorial. I didn’t tweak the scheme for the warriors at all. I kept it the same.

With issues 1 and 2 painted, I’m looking forward to getting the 3 Assault Intercessors, Skorpekh Destroyers and limited edition Captain next in my next delivery. I’m planning on creating a painting tutorial for the Blood Angel Assault Intercessor so be sure to keep an eye out for that.

If you’d like to know more about Imperium, Stahly has written some reviews on this blog. If you’d like to subscribe check out this link. (Please note it’s not available in all territories at the time of writing this).

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