Wheel-spinning out of Necromunda’s Ash Wastes are my Orlock Outrider Quads! These models were only meant to be background props for my Ridgehauler Cargo-8 Warhammer Community article Games Workshop asked me to do. I painted the Outrider Quads with really fast techniques (recipe card below) and now I’m thinking I quite like them and wouldn’t mind starting an Orlock Ash Wastes Gang.

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Cinematic shot of Necromunda Orlock outrider quads

I didn’t want a traditional colour scheme for my Orlocks. Instead I decided on a dessert military scheme with drab olives and khaki. For the quad bike I went heavy on weathering powders and dry brushed metallics to speed up the paint process. I choose the industrial yellow colour for the body work purely to work with the cinematic photo I had planned for Warhammer Community. They didn’t need to be flashy as they’re just going to be in the background. I think for the foot troops I’ll use the yellow colour on their weapon casings a bit like DeWalt power tools.

Necromunda Ash Wastes Orlock quad painted by Garfy

The Ridgehauler, trailer and two quad bikes mean’t I had 24 wheels to paint in total. There was no way I was going to edge highlight every single wheel. I haven’t used weathering powder for ages and the last time I did I just dabbed it on the model hoping the dry dust stuck. This time I used isopropyl alcohol to turn it into a wash. Once applied the alcohol evaporates leaving the pigment in the recesses. More details on this in the recipe below.

Necromunda Ash Wastes Orlock quad painted by Garfy

The Quads come with two weapon options and a choice of 4 heads, so I just used all the options on the two bikes I made. I think the harpoon is my favourite. I can just imagine this launching and hitting a Cargo-8 container and trying to pull it off it’s trailer.

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Whilst I couldn’t share the Cargo-8 Ridgehauler on Twitter when I was working on it (it wasn’t out yet) I could share my work in progress shots of the Outrider Quads. Feel free to follow me on twitter for more insights or just to share your own models with me.

How to paint Necromunda Orlock Outrider quads tutorial

Finally, here’s my ToP recipe card. I’m going to use this as a painting guide for my inevitable Orlock Ash Wastes Gang.

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