Hi Everyone – I am Tom, now with my own account here at Tale of Painters! Following my last post about The Crimson Court, I decided to make a small diorama featuring the new Soulblight Gravelords Vampire Lord.

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Immediately on seeing the new Vampire Lord I knew I wanted to make something special from it. The slightly downward facing pose leant itself to being raised up from the ground, and a piece of the Timeworn Ruins set fitted perfectly.

Soulblight Gravelords Vampire Lord Diorama painted by Tom

The backdrop is by Taro Model Maker, and painting it was very low effort for how it looks. First I undercoated it all black, and masked off the sides and front. Next I did a gradient using an airbrush, starting with the darkest colour at the top down to lightest at the bottom, with overlap of each to blend it all together. I wanted it to look like the sun had just gone in, so used Abbadon Black, Night Lords Blue, Kantor Blue, Caledor Sky and finally Blue Horror to give that effect. It also combined with the purple armour and slightly blue tinged rocks to give a cold feel, which made the blood red shield. Check out my Crimson Court writeup for how I did these colours.

The final step here was to use an old toothbrush and White Scar to carefully splatter some stars in the sky, before freehanding a moon. Sometimes its the details that make a model come alive – in this case, the vampire has clearly just fed on the unfortunate man below!

Top view of a Soulblight Gravelords Vampire Lord Diorama painted by Tom

Enjoy my Vampire colourscheme? Want to see me paint a whole army of them? Check out my Instagram or leave a comment below!