Hi everyone, Tom again. This time I am showing you The Crimson Court, maybe my favourite Warband from Warhammer Underworlds: Direchasm.

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Cinematic shot of The Crimson Court warband from Warhammer Underworlds Direchasm

I have had these in my “To Paint” pile for a long time, I was intimidated by how nice the models are! I ended up going for a purple scheme based around Phoenician Purple to give them a regal, arrogant look. The capes I kept as crimson as a not to the name of the warband, and painted these in Mephiston Red before highlighting up to Fire Dragon Bright.

I love opportunities to use Blood for the Blood God (my favourite technical paint!), so I made it seem like they had just been feeding on an unfortunate opponent by painting some on and below their mouths. 

I decided to do the individual photos on a black background, to make the armour feel darker and bring out the very pale skin better. The scenic photo was fun to take, with blue backlighting, some mist around the models ankles and a dark tone to give the impression of night. I painted my terrain with a lichen pattern using stippling in yellow, which for this photo also gives a good contrasting colour to break up the tones. 

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