Join me on a quest to track down a gallant bunch of elusive heroes so I can recruit them to the court of my Arch Regent. On today’s blog post, I share how I got my hands on the discontinued Grymwatch, some stunning photography and how I painted them.

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Duke Crackmarrow and his Grymwatch dismount from their noble steeds at the edge of the water in the hopes to receive enchantments from the Lady of the Lake.

First released in October 2019, this Underworld’s Warband is now currently OOP (out of production). The current Age of Sigmar Battle Tome (from 2nd edition and made playable with a White Dwarf article) includes the Grymwatch and I wanted to include them in my collection too! The sculpts are some of the best in the entire Flesh-eater Courts range so I had to channel Valreek the Tracker and hunt this set down.

Top: Royal Butcher. Middle right: Duke’s Harriers. Bottom: Duke Crakmarrow.

I managed to find someone willing to sell me 4 of the models and no underworld cards for £8 on a Facebook group and I took them up on that offer. 4 is better than 0 after all. I had a couple more people say they might have them and would check and never got back to me so that was a dead-end. Ebay prices were going up for both painted versions and in box versions. Some upwards of £60.

Top left: Master Talon. Top right: Night’s Herald. Centre: Valreek the Tracker. Bottom right: Gristlewel, Greatsword.

My quest ended when I stumbled across a twitter sales post that included the sprues (no cards) for around £20. I grabbed them instantly! It’s weird how spending a couple of weeks tracking down something that’s hard to get adds more excitement and a feeling of accomplishment. I was so happy to get them. As soon as I had a break in my painting schedule I jumped on these immediately and got painting.

All the colours I needed for the Mordants were already on my my Royal Beast Flayers recipe card. Made things much simpler. I just copied that exactly. These recipe cards I made are as much for me as they are for you. I go back to them all the time to ensure my army looks consistent.

When it came to the Duke’s Harriers (bats) I remembered I had painted the Bat Swarms in Cursed City and I had wrote a tutorial for them. Perfect! I just had to follow that.

There you go, another unit joins my ever growing Flesh-eater Courts force. I’m really enjoying painting these models and I recently picked up the Abhorrant Archregent so I have a truly mighty vampiric warrior king to lead them. Once he’s painted, I’ll probably take a group photo, so watch this space.

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