Here is a look at the new plastic Aeldari Autarch, which I painted for my Craftworld Ulthwé collection. I customized this model with a few subtle conversions and bitz swaps, find out more in this post.

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Cinematic shot of an Eldar Autarch of Ulthwé, painted by Stahly

This model was originally included in the Eldritch Omens battlebox I reviewed here, which was provided to me by Games Workshop. All of the new Aeldari models are amazing, and this surprisingly customizable model is no different. Unlike the previous plastic Autarch, which I painted for my Iybraesil collection, this model comes with a lot of weapon, head and equipment options and even has a chest plate with male or female features.

Converting my Ulthwé Autarch

Front of an Eldar Autarch of Ulthwé, painted by Stahly

The model is also compatible with many of the newer Eldar kits. To match the Reaper Missile Launcher I used an Exarch head with targeting arrays from the Dark Reapers set, which I combined with the large topknot of the bare head from the Autarch set. The power sword arm comes from the plastic Autarch with Swooping Hawk wings, for the perfect He-Man pose. The back banners are from the old metal/Finecast Autarchs. Last but not least, I straightened the piece of ruin the autarch is standing on to make it look less like a surfboard.

Back of an Eldar Autarch of Ulthwé, painted by Stahly

I imagine that this autarch belongs to the personal retinue of Eldrad Ulthran, which is why he carries the sign of the Ynnari on his banners in addition to the Craftworld Ulthwé rune.

Painting Ulthwé

I painted the model with the Wolf Bristle Brushes from Chronicle Cards, which I reviewed here:

You can find painting instructions with all colour recipes in this post. On my Patreon you can also find a detailed step-by-step tutorial for download:

Ulthwé Patreon exclusive tutorial

I hope you like my rendition of the new plastic Aeldari Autarch model. Here he is among the new Warlock and Storm Guardians sculpts. Would love to find the time to paint more Ulthwé models, maybe we’ll see an updated Aeldari Kill Team soon? Would be the perfect occasion to paint some more black.

Cinematic shot of a Cradtworld Ulthwé Warlock, Autarch, and Storm Guardians

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