You’ve ordered Warcry Crypt of Blood and you plan to throw the paper gaming sheet in the bin and make your own board, the next step is to paint the Crypt Noctis. I’ll share how I painted my ancient burial ground terrain pieces in this blog post.

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Deep within the Realm of Shyish, the Necrotic Peaks of Neferatia hides the Crypt Noctis. An ancient burial ground where death magic clings to the ruined walls. Here can be found the tomb of an ancient Vampire, long lost to this Realm. His remains are so powerful and dripping with magic that just a single bone could be used to channel this magic. Along with his remains are his many treasures from the Age of Myth. Nagash Supreme Lord of the Undead wants these powerful relics and his enemies seek to stop him ever getting his boney fingers on them.

I choose to paint my Warcry Starter Set terrain to match the basing on my Soulblight Gravelords army. They’re quite drab, desaturated colours. it’s a total departure to how I normally paint. I also wanted to paint these quickly, so I used washes and dry brushing with the only thing taking time was picking out all the bones and skulls with Corax White and then Wraithbone. This was time consuming because I had chosen a black undercoat.

I think my favourite piece from this set is the sarcophagus. I haven’t used stippling in ages and I absolutely love the effect it produced. Stippling if you’re not sure is where you take a large, old, knackered brush and use scissors to cut the point off the bristles so you’re left with a flat end that you dip in paint and then dab some off on a mixing palette and then dab onto the model to create a texture. It’s sure fast way to paint terrain and looks more interesting than dry brushing.

That’s it for today, I hope you found this interesting. Want to know more about the Crypt of Blood Warcry Starter Set, check out Stahly’s review.

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